Customer Spotlight

Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

The Department of Game & Inland Fisheries (DGIF) manages inland fisheries, wildlife, and recreational boating for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Agency’s mission is to:

♦ conserve and manage wildlife populations and habitat for the benefit of present and future generations.

♦ connect people to Virginia’s outdoors through boating, education, fishing, hunting, trapping, wildlife viewing, and other wildlife-related activities.

♦ protect people and property by promoting safe outdoor experiences and managing human-wildlife conflicts. 

DGIF is also the department that issues licenses for fishing, hunting and access permits for the state. Its hugely popular Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail Guide with more than 650 sites now has an online interactive map.

You can visit their website here 

SiteVision Partnership Hosting

We are proud to have been a hosting partner with DGIF for many years. Hosting services include both production and development dedicated servers as well as required Virtual Private Networks (VPN). SiteVision also manages all server patches, updates, and security features. We work closely with DGIF personnel to help ensure a positive hosting experience

We value our relationship and especially appreciate their testimonial to our efforts in their behalf!

“On behalf of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF), I would like express our appreciation for the efforts put forth by SiteVision in support of our continued mission to leverage cloud based solutions. DGIF approached SiteVision in the spring of 2015 researching a cloud hosting solution to provide high availability, low cost, and high speed access for two Web Servers. Over the last couple years this project has evolved with the addition of a SQL Server and File server.

From the initial start of the project SiteVision’s staff has been instrumental in building a strong professional working relationship backed by their dedicated and knowledgeable staff. The level of support and efficient turnaround regarding server based solutions has allowed for a seamless migration to SiteVision’s servers.

I would like to personally compliment SiteVision staff who were integral in the staging of our servers, software installs, various server communication configurations, contractual and billing required for this projects success. It was a pleasure working with SiteVision and I look forward to continuing this partnership.”


Jay Kapalczynski

GIS Manager
Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries

SiteVision April News & Tips

SiteVision Service Spotlight

GIS Mapping Application and Hosting Solutions

We’ve been developing and hosting GIS mapping applications for some 17 years now.

On the hosting side, we offer robust ESRI ArcGIS Hosting to accommodate the very specific demands these applications require.

Among the many applications we have developed and hosted are tax map parcel applications, GIS Emergency management mapping, Forestry resource mapping, NASA facility management, and Wildlife management, to name but a few.

SiteVision is a Tier III/IV infrastructure with 99.99% uptime or better and is AICPA SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type II compliant. In Virginia, We are a VITA approved supplier, including ArcGIS Hosting. We are also a SWAM vendor and an eVA Microbusiness.
If you have a need for this type of hosting, please don’t hesitate to give us a call with your particular requirements. You can also contact us through the website.


Hosting Shout-Out


This month we salute Martin Travel, a valued SiteVision Hosting Customer. Wow, our entire Hosting Teams thanks you, Kelly, for such encouraging words!

Martin Travel was founded in 1978 in Salem, Virginia, by Dr. Tom Martin, then Athletic Director at Roanoke College. Martin Travel was established strictly for business travel planning, but soon added cruises and other leisure travel to its services. It has since developed into the largest supplier of leisure travel booking and planning in western Virginia. With offices in Roanoke, Martinsville, and Blacksburg, Martin Travel continues to be a leading business travel firm in the area.

“And to brag about SiteVision…we found SiteVision when I wasn’t happy with the service (lack of!) I was getting from our previous hosting company. We’re pretty low maintenance but when I did need help I couldn’t get it. Then Steve and Christina came into my life like angels. I swear they wear halos.

The conversion to SiteVision was seamless, and Christina did a fantastic job getting me more familiar with WordPress. She helped me redesign the ordering process through our site and introduced me to the right plugins that make my life so much easier now. Most of the traffic that hits our website is regarding the VT football away/bowl games.

Previously, the ordering process was archaic, and the back end of it was a nightmare. It’s a piece of cake now thanks to Christina. Steve & Christina have taught me enough that I’m for the most part self-sufficient. But when I do need help, one of them always, always responds immediately. I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of service I get from SiteVision. 5 stars!”

Kelly Fitzgerald, Martin Travel


Google Flexes its Cloud Muscle

Google-CloudPlatformGoogle gave notice it’s in the enterprise cloud for the long haul at the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) user conference.

As one of its fastest growing businesses, Google touted its commitment to innovation and open source with a $9.9 billion-dollar capital expenditure in 2015 from Alphabet, Google’s parent company – with plenty more to come.

The company noted over 300 improvements to its cloud platform during 2015 and its thousands of people-years in engineering based on existing consumer cloud services. Improvements include a new machine learning platform; new identity and access management tools; audit logging utilities for IT bottlenecks; and an improved administrative framework for compliance protocols and corporate data tracking policies.

As it faces off with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, the company is competing for what is currently a $20-billion-dollar-a-year business forecast to grow by 35% next year according to Gartner
Recent wins for Google include Spotify, Coca-Cola, and Snapchat. Other customers include Home Depots, Sony Music, Best Buy, Philips and Electronic Arts. You can read more at CIO and Investors Business Daily.


In The News

Windows “Redstone” Coming This Summer

Verizon Hack Puts 1.5 Million Customers at Risk

US tech firms Call for Changes in UK Spy Bill

Nasty Ransomware Overwrites your PC’s Master Boot Record (Distributed through emails that masquerade as job applications – targets business HR)

Breakthrough brings quantum computing a big step closer

Is Apple Losing Its Mojo?

Internet Trolls Turn A Computer Into A Nazi (Microsoft’s chatbot runs amok)

iOS 9.3 Web Links Bug Causes Apps To Crash

Never10: A new tool for turning off Microsoft’s Windows 10 update (Win 7 & 8.1 users can just say no)

Microsoft Build 2016: What to expect

Emergency Java Update Fixes Two-Year-Old Flaw

SiteVision March 2016 News & Tips

2016 Security:  Expect To Be Hacked, Phished, and Scammed

Hacker WAVSWith hacking, phishing and scamming at all-time highs, a good defense is your best offense for the year ahead.
According to ZDNET and other sources, more than one billion personal records were accessed in 2014 alone. 2015 was another banner year for hackers that included the FBI, T-Mobile (15 million customers), ScottTrade (4.6 million customers) Excellus BlueCross BlueShield (10 million), the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) (22 million government workers), and the IRS (last count 724,000 accesses to taxpayer account data) to name but a few.   Read More . . .

Tax ScamsPrepare Yourself:  Tax Scams and Hacks.

Hackers are actively plotting to steal your most personal and valuable information, and get your tax refund to boot.  Quartz has a story to make you weep – a preview of what’s to come for the unlucky. What to do?  Read More . . .

Hosting Spotlight Lawrence Companies WebsiteLawrence Companies
Dedicated Hosting Services

A longtime client of SiteVision, Lawrence recently moved from a shared server to a dedicated server arrangement.  With several sites and applications, a dedicated server became more cost-effective and provided increased security, performance and management features, as well as greater scalability and flexibility unavailable in a shared server environment. Hosting worked closely with Lawrence IT Manager, Mark Carter, to help ensure a smooth transition and to provide an optimal server setup configured to their specific requirements.

“SiteVision has proven a valuable business partner of Lawrence Companies. From our customer-facing websites to our private employee portal, we continue to trust their experience and expertise to keep our internet presence updated and secure. We have worked with many providers over the years, but consider ourselves lucky to have state-of-the-art hosting services with top notch support just down the street!”

Lawrence Companies is an employee-owned company based out of Roanoke, VA, in business since 1932. With six locations in Virginia and North Carolina, Lawrence is a multifaceted company with focuses on full truckload and flatbed transportation, corporate office moving, and is a dealer for CASE Equipment. As one of the founding United Van Lines Agents in the country, Lawrence continues to focus on moving household goods and offers a variety of Relocation Services.

SiteVision provides custom configured dedicated servers for a broad range of customers.  We are a SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type II compliant firm, are VITA (Virginia Information Technology Agency) approved, and are an approved HIPPA resource. We also routinely provide specialized services such as GIS, Cloud, SAAS, ISA, Data-Driven, fail-safe or CDN hosting.

To learn more about dedicated servers go here.

SiteVision Hosting Services
for Virginia Commonwealth
Agencies and Localities Renewed

Includes ArcGIS for Server, Website Application Vulnerability Scanning, and Other Specialized Hosting Services

VITAlogotypeRoanoke VA February 29, 2016— SiteVision’s Hosting Services and Software as a Service contract has been renewed by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) for an additional year.  The contact is part of Virginia’s electronic government services program (eGov) and includes all state agencies and local government entities. The firm is also a certified SWaM Micro-business by the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity.  Read More . . .

GIS Hosting Solutions

SiteVision GISNavigating rapidly evolving GIS technology can often be a bit unnerving.  With almost two decades of  GIS application development experience, SiteVision has developed uniquely qualified shared, dedicated and custom hosting solutions for the GIS community.   We offer application-specific hosting such as ESRIArcGIS map applications and database driven applications, as well as basic website hosting on shared or dedicated servers. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, or offer a solution to meet your exact requirement.  Just contact us!

In The News

MS Office 365:  Lots of updates.

Document pinning, ink jotting and camera integration for Windows tablets and iOS box integration are among a host of new features for Office 365.  Currently available only for Office “insiders,” the new features will presumably go out to standard users soon.  ZDNET

Hybrid Tablets Go Mainstream:

Enterprise use of hybrid tablets is growing fast, according to CIO and IDC.  While PCs and traditional slate tablet sales have shrunk, hybrids with detachable slates appear to be gaining traction with some 8.1 million sold in Q4 2015.

Mobile World Congress:  2,000 Exhibitors – 100,000 Attendees

From self-driving cars to submersible phones, and social robots, MWC proves an exciting showcase for new products and technologies.  Bloomberg    PCMag

Deep Security Flaw
Affects The Entire Internet

According to security researcher Dan Kaminsky, the glibc DNS bug is the latest of several serious flaws found in the backbone of the internet. He’s advising anybody running Linux servers to “patch this bug with extreme prejudice.”  Endgadget.  Dan Kaminsky

Yahoo Approaching Bidders?

In exploring its strategic options, Yahoo may have reached out, or soon will, to corporate and private equity firms seeking bids for its core business.  Verizon, Comcast, AT&T and other private equity firms are among those may be interested.  Bloomberg

SiteVision Hosting Services for Virginia Commonwealth Agencies and Localities Renewed

Includes ArcGIS for Server, Website Application Vulnerability Scanning, SAAS, and Other Specialized Hosting Services

VITAlogotypeRoanoke VA March 1, 2016— SiteVision’s Hosting Services and Software as a Service contract has been renewed by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) for an additional year.  The contact is part of Virginia’s electronic government services program (eGov) and includes all state agencies and local government entities. The firm is a certified SWaM Micro-business by the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity.


SiteVision is authorized to provide Web Application Vulnerability Scanning (WAVS) and offers a cost-effective solution to discover, analyze and provide reporting on website application vulnerability – a vital technology in response to severe and widespread intrusion threats. Remediation solutions are also available.

GIS Hosting

The firm has long participated in GIS application development and hosting. This contract should be of particular interest to Virginia’s mapping and GIS community. With a minimal cost of entry, organizations may take full advantage of distributed GIS and Internet map server technology.

Conventional And Customized Solutions Including Software As A Service

In addition to conventional hosting technologies; the firm offers SAAS, content delivery networking (CDN); media delivery and streaming services; failover, redundancy and disaster recovery services; cloud storage solutions; and a variety of custom hosting options.

“We are very pleased to continue as a provider of advanced hosting and related technologies,” said Patrick Maddox, CEO of SiteVision, Inc. “Our hosting and technical teams are always ready to help state and local bodies achieve a smooth transition of existing services, or to help with any new services that might be required.”

VITA Objectives

The stated objectives of the VITA contracts are to modernize the Commonwealth’s procurements and provide enhanced value to the state, greater transparency, broader participation by multiple suppliers, and cost-effective access to best-of-class technology services

The original contract awards followed in-depth, multi-agency evaluations of responses to VITA’s requests for proposals (RFPs) for eGov services. Awards were based on demonstrated, measurable benefit to the Commonwealth and contract users. VITA is the Commonwealth’s central information technology (IT) agency. VITA’s statewide contracts can be accessed and utilized by all public entities, including Virginia counties, cities, towns, agencies, educational institutions and public safety providers. The current renewal is effective through April 2017.

The Hosting Contract is: VA-120416-STVN – Hosting and details may be found at:

As a provider, SiteVision has offered application design, development, and hosting solutions to federal, state, local, non-profit, and private sector clients for nearly 15 years. A dedicated hosting staff focuses purely on hosting services and solutions. The firm services hundreds of customers and thousands of domain names and e-mail accounts across all of their hosting services.  All key systems (ping, power, and pipe) are redundant, and all servers and required services are actively and consistently monitored for availability.

About SiteVision:  SiteVision, Inc. is an Internet application development, consulting, design and hosting firm providing solutions for a broad spectrum of markets and industries, as well as for state, federal and international entities. Expertise includes custom, dynamic back-end applications, consulting to achieve unique goals, geographic information systems (GIS), content management systems, hosting services including, map and GIS application hosting, as well as custom and dedicated hosting solutions.

SiteVision, Inc. participates in, or is available through, the following state and federal contracting vehicles, and is a SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type II compliant firm:

The firm’s home office is in Roanoke, VA, with sales offices in Charlottesville, VA and Miami, FL.

Security 2016: Expect to Be Hacked

Hacker WAVSWith hacking, phishing and scamming at all-time highs, a good defense is your best offense for the year ahead.

A Billion and More Already Compromised

According to ZDNET and others, more than one billion personal records were accessed in 2014 alone. 2015 was another banner year for hackers that included the FBI, T-Mobile (15 million customers), ScottTrade (4.6 million customers) Excellus BlueCross BlueShield (10 million), the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) (22 million government workers), and the IRS (last count 724,000 accesses to taxpayer account data) to name but a few.

In other words, you’ve probably been compromised and don’t know it yet, with the likelihood that at least some of your personal data was and is now in the wild.  While you may not be affected now, existing hacks can leave you vulnerable in the future.

What To Do?

Unfortunately, there’s little you can do when a trusted external source fails to keep your data safe, and that data then gets compromised.  Once informed, however, change your password(s) immediately using recommended protocols across all accounts that use the same password.  Online banking and financial institutions, as well as healthcare accounts should each employ unique passwords. This reduces the chance of a raid across accounts that compromises your aggregated personal history and banking information.

Business solutions abound depending on firm size, but concise precautions for business can be found here:  FTC Business Security Guide

Personal precautions can be found variously, but CNET has a good overview:


Beware: Tax Scams & Hacks

tax-468440_1280Hackers are actively plotting to steal your most personal and valuable information, and get your tax refund to boot.

And remember, existing hacks from the prior year may yet bite.  But even if you haven’t been compromised, a recent audit of approved online tax preparers says that six out of 13 fail at cybersecurity.

One phishing scam impersonates a trusted security partner’s CEO and asks customer accounting and human resources for copies of employee W2 forms.


I want you to send me the list of the W-2 copy of employees wage and tax statement for 2015, I need them in PDF file type, you can send it as an attachment. Kindly prepare the lists and email them to me asap.


What to do?

The IRS has actually published one handy guide at  Another cautionary tale with helpful avoidance techniques is at Krebsonlinesecurity  Forbes  has published the “Dirty Dozen”  2016 schemes to watch for.

And, by the way, make sure your individual tax preparer has performed a deep scan and employs acceptable security precautions.  You are entitled to ask!

Read this – a true story from Quartz Online –  and weep – a preview of what’s to come for the unlucky

SiteVision Custom Dedicated Server Solutions

A Reliable Source For Dedicated Servers

SiteVision, INC - Hosting Services
SiteVision, INC – Hosting Services

Considering a switch or upgrade to one or more dedicated servers? We can help. We’ll work with you personally to make sure you not only get an optimal configuration but that your setup is comprehensive and professional — backed by almost two decades of deploying and configuring platforms from the simple to the complex. And should you want managed servers for greater peace of mind, we’re at your ready. You can call or contact us anytime.

Custom applications? Ecommerce?  Legacy applications? You’ll find us a reliable partner.  Plus, as an approved VITA partner, we’re accustomed to creating solutions for your very specific requirements. We routinely deal with HIPPA and numerous other government agencies as an approved source.  We can also accommodate your need for specialize options such as GIS, Cloud, SAAS, ISA, Data-Driven, fail-safe or CDN hosting. SiteVision is also a SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type II compliant firm. 

6357974-three-black-serversDedicated Servers In A Nutshell:

If you are just beginning to consider a dedicated server environment, here are a few important benefits.  

Improved Security & Reliability.
You’re in control.  Compared to less stringent platforms, you eliminate the shared environments that work quite well for simple, inexpensive websites, but do increase security risk levels. There’s no concern with the sharing of server resources, disk space or the associated greater potential for downtime. Your server can be as secure as you need it to be. In brief, you don’t share bandwidth and you will always have access to the resources you require.

Scalability and Flexibility

Because we can build a dedicated server to your specific specifications, you server is custom configured for your unique web environment with specific features tailored to your unique needs. And, unlike other options, you can scale up or down, depending on your future web application, traffic or upgrade requirements.

Always Included With SiteVision Dedicated Servers

Popular Options: 

As we’ve noted, custom configurations are our specialty, but here are a few popular options.





February News & Tips:

Virtual Reality –
Way Beyond Games!

Nike 360 clipIf you thought Virtual Reality was for gamers, you‘d be right.  And sure, games will become more awesome and engaging, but good money says the immersive experience of VR may well represent what will become a universal, transformative technology in medicine, sports, film, business and all aspects of our lives  . . . Read more and see some clips!

Will Solar-Powered Drones Deliver 5G Wi-Fi?

Google 5K DroneWith two-thirds of the world still without internet access, have cell towers reached the end of their technological lifespan?  Google is working to find a better way.  Project SkyBender, a Google Project testing high flying drones, wants to provide universal Wi-Fi access at 5G speeds.

If successful, Skybender would use millimeter-wave transmission, a technology that can provide gigabytes of data per second, or 40 times more data per second than 4G Lite.  High altitude drones would make cell towers obsolete and deliver internet access around the world.  Project Loon, another Google endeavor, would utilize a Wi-Fi balloon network traveling at the edge of space. Read more at The Guardian, ArsTechnica, Google (Loon)


new google logo

 Sanmay Ved Bought Last Year for a Measly $12

For about one skinny minute, Ved made history; well sort of.  But, alas, it was not to be for long.  Read more

MarkZMark Zuckerberg Now the Sixth
Richest Person in the World

At 31, Mark Zuckerberg has a lot to smile about.  He’s worth about $47 billion,  according to Bloomberg.


kissHistoric Blizzard Sent Singles to Dating Apps

Stuck inside and looking for love?  It seems singles found a way to pass the time by visiting online dating sites. Visits saw huge spikes — for instance, 139% in NYC and an increase of 342% in Philadelphia for Happn the popular dating site.  CNN has the scoop  

hand cloudIs It Time to Think
About the Cloud?

By 2020, it’s predicted that 78% of U.S. small business will have fully adopted cloud computing –
double the rate today. About 81% of U.S. Companies with 100-plus employees are using cloud based applications.  About 18% of companies with up to 99 employees are adopting a hybrid cloud environment – one that uses both a private and a public cloud.  More at Forbes and ChannelPro Network

gartner researchTop Technology
Trends for 2016

Among top trends, according to Gartner is “digital mesh.”  As our lives become increasingly connected to various devices we’ll see greater cooperative interaction and significant development in wearables, and virtual reality. Information preservation across devices, time and space will become more synchronized. Other trends include advances in 3D printing, dedicated information analytics, and “intelligent” machines that alter behavior.  See the entire list here




Cisco Patches Serious
Network Security Flaws

Cisco has released software updates to address several critical and high severity vulnerabilities identified in various networking and security products. More at Security Week

Word Press 4.4.2 Patches

WordPess 4.4.2 patches security issues and many functionality bugs.  Details

CNET Offers Tips for
Staying Safe Online

Passwords, email protection, online shopping safety, mobile device protection and more is covered in this helpful primer.

Oracle Pulls Plug on
Java Browser Plug-In.

A frequent target of hackers, the plug-in won’t be included in the next Java Developers Kit.  Native HTML5 development technology is one alternative.More at TechNewsWorld

Virtual Reality. Will It Change Ours?

Virtual Reality – Will It Change Ours?

If you thought Virtual Reality was for gamers, you ‘d be right. Sort of.  Sales of both VR and AR devices are predicted to be some 24 million by 2018, and a 5.4-billion-dollar industry by 2015. After all, Google, alone, just sold some five million cardboards. The more sophisticated Oculus Rift, a Facebook acquisition in 2014, is expected to ship in late March, with nearly all the other major players placing their own bets.

So, sure, games will become more awesome and engaging.  But good money says the immersive experience of VR may well represent what will become a universal, transformative technology. In recent studies Augmented (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) show a strong enterprise future, with AR having the greatest potential for business-oriented applications according to TechPro Research

How To Talk About VR In A One Dimensional Environment

The problem, of course, in talking about VR is that illustrating it in a one dimensional space is, well, a fool’s errand.  So if your interest is peaked, but you’re not ready for the outlay of, say, an Oculus, just buy (or make) a cardboard, pair it up with your smartphone and have a go at it.

But,  if you just want to get a sense of it all, we’ve included some clips at the end of this article; some of which you navigate with your mouse or a touch screen (360-degree video).

A Transformative Technology

Nike 360 clip


VR enables us, or will, to experience products, locations, sports, travel, education, architecture, medicine and communication in an immersive environment.   For instance, rather than a screen shot of your new car, how about going for a virtual drive?  Step in, look around, tinker with the controls and go for a drive.  Or attend your next sporting event as part of the play.

Consider how much fun it would be to virtually travel to an exotic island, take a walk on the beach. snorkel, then do a walk-through of your accommodations and visit the Tiki bar – all before you fork out hard-earned cash.  Alternatively, if you’re down to PB & Jelly, pour a thirst quencher and kick the sand without the outlay.

Educational applications become truly exciting.  Traditional textbooks are unusually dry, but how about actually walking around an important archaeology dig to carefully see how its excavated and explored.  As a budding marine biologist you and your fellow students could dive and explore an ailing coral reef just as though you were there.  Students of all ages will likely be the beneficiaries of a maturing technology that enhances not only what we learn, but how deeply and memorably we experience it.

Filmmaking, medicine, in fact almost every facet of our daily existence whether for business or pleasure has exciting VR/AR potential or expansion.

VR.  AR.  What’s the Difference?

Virtual reality, augmented reality, full featured communications, volumetric VR, and the like all have individual interpretations and methodology.  The ultimate goal, however, is to create either:

  • A fully dimensional alternate reality or combined as in games, film
  • A fully dimensional replication of a true environment as in climbing Mount Everest
  • A fully articulated live environment transmitted nearly simultaneously as in a Sports event
  • A fully articulated, interactive live environment transmitted in near real time such as a medical conference


 Samsung Gear VR

Concerns, of course, include the delivery method. While gaming with rather bulky headgear isn’t that much of a stretch, business use will likely require customized solutions such as specially equipped media rooms or refined versions of something like Google Glass (Google has actually produced a business version).  Another huge concern for universal adoption is VR’s need for hefty processing power.

But the potential is huge.  As Forbes notes . . . “Combining high-capacity networks with ultra-high resolution cameras, microphones and full-wall displays, all kinds of people, for all kinds of reasons, can capture and project remote communications and activities in real time. This is the future of full field communication in which all of the light and sound of a remote environment is transported in real time and recreated in full, life-size and life-like fidelity.

This kind of visual and auditory detail will create, disrupt and revolutionize many businesses and professional activities.”

Perhaps in the not-too-distant-future, we will have fully immersive media rooms where we view and interact with media and others in a three-dimensional environment!

Video Clips

Video clips for your amusement:  For those that have mouse or touch control, look for the navigation icon in the top left corner.  Thumbnails are clickable and plus text links.
Nike 360 clipA Nike Clip that you  control on your touchscreen phone, tablet or PC. with finger or mouse.  Requires Chrome Browser or YouTube app



A Preview Oculus animation of Valkyrie



Samsung Gear VR TahitiTahiti Surf – Use Chrome for best viewing and toggle with your finger or mouse!



Occulus Wingsuit Jump3A wingsuit base jump video for Oculus, or just watch in 360 and look around with your mouse or finger!



Qantas Clip A Qantas Video of Hamilton Island in 360.

SiteVision News & Tips January 2016

Man Versus Machine
Top Technology Trend
For 2016 & Beyond


According to the top tier research company, Gartner Research –  2016 and beyond is all about the emerging and dramatically different relationship of man and machine
As machines and autonomous devices get smarter (surely you’ve noticed) they acquire the ability to compete with and surpass the ability of humans to effectively replicate tasks previously assigned to humans.

One example?  Robowriters create content previously produced by humans. In fact, they shine at creating data driven content like finance and sports using algorithms and natural language generators.

The implementation of robotics will affect nearly all areas of human endeavor from manufacturing to analytics, to life-like receptionists and assistants similar to the new humanoid introduced in Singapore.

The concept has dramatic implications for how interaction of workers, machines, management and consumers will play out in the years ahead . . .Read More! 


Best Phones, Laptops and PCs of 2015

Surface Pro






Best Laptops of 2015
Microsoft Surface Pro Gets a Top Nod . . .







Best Desktops of 2015
No surprise that Apple iMac Pro takes media pro top spot. Dell’s XPS all-in-one also takes a top spot . . .

samsung galaxy s6

Best Phones of 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 gives the iPhone a run for the money!

Top “O” The Litter Gadget and
Gizmos from Wired

From drones to dryers, cameras or Chromes, and VR, Wired gives it take on the best of the best.



CES 2016


Each January, thousands gather in Las Vegas for the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to check out the latest and greatest in tech innovations. Fortune gives you a heads up, but expect Smart TVs, auto-autos, drones, and virtual reality tech to lead the way . .  . .



Bits & Bytes

Microsoft launches new OneDrive for Business sync client, developer kit

Microsoft reneges on unlimited cloud storage for some business users

Passwords have a decade of life left in them, survey shows

Here’s what Apple’s planning for 2016

4 reasons you just can’t seem to quit Facebook

The Biggest Security Threats We’ll Face in 2016

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