February News & Tips:

Virtual Reality –
Way Beyond Games!

Nike 360 clipIf you thought Virtual Reality was for gamers, you‘d be right.  And sure, games will become more awesome and engaging, but good money says the immersive experience of VR may well represent what will become a universal, transformative technology in medicine, sports, film, business and all aspects of our lives  . . . Read more and see some clips!

Will Solar-Powered Drones Deliver 5G Wi-Fi?

Google 5K DroneWith two-thirds of the world still without internet access, have cell towers reached the end of their technological lifespan?  Google is working to find a better way.  Project SkyBender, a Google Project testing high flying drones, wants to provide universal Wi-Fi access at 5G speeds.

If successful, Skybender would use millimeter-wave transmission, a technology that can provide gigabytes of data per second, or 40 times more data per second than 4G Lite.  High altitude drones would make cell towers obsolete and deliver internet access around the world.  Project Loon, another Google endeavor, would utilize a Wi-Fi balloon network traveling at the edge of space. Read more at The Guardian, ArsTechnica, Google (Loon)


new google logo

 Sanmay Ved Bought
Google.com Last Year for a Measly $12

For about one skinny minute, Ved made history; well sort of.  But, alas, it was not to be for long.  Read more

MarkZMark Zuckerberg Now the Sixth
Richest Person in the World

At 31, Mark Zuckerberg has a lot to smile about.  He’s worth about $47 billion,  according to Bloomberg.


kissHistoric Blizzard Sent Singles to Dating Apps

Stuck inside and looking for love?  It seems singles found a way to pass the time by visiting online dating sites. Visits saw huge spikes — for instance, 139% in NYC and an increase of 342% in Philadelphia for Happn the popular dating site.  CNN has the scoop  

hand cloudIs It Time to Think
About the Cloud?

By 2020, it’s predicted that 78% of U.S. small business will have fully adopted cloud computing –
double the rate today. About 81% of U.S. Companies with 100-plus employees are using cloud based applications.  About 18% of companies with up to 99 employees are adopting a hybrid cloud environment – one that uses both a private and a public cloud.  More at Forbes and ChannelPro Network

gartner researchTop Technology
Trends for 2016

Among top trends, according to Gartner is “digital mesh.”  As our lives become increasingly connected to various devices we’ll see greater cooperative interaction and significant development in wearables, and virtual reality. Information preservation across devices, time and space will become more synchronized. Other trends include advances in 3D printing, dedicated information analytics, and “intelligent” machines that alter behavior.  See the entire list here




Cisco Patches Serious
Network Security Flaws

Cisco has released software updates to address several critical and high severity vulnerabilities identified in various networking and security products. More at Security Week

Word Press 4.4.2 Patches

WordPess 4.4.2 patches security issues and many functionality bugs.  Details

CNET Offers Tips for
Staying Safe Online

Passwords, email protection, online shopping safety, mobile device protection and more is covered in this helpful primer.

Oracle Pulls Plug on
Java Browser Plug-In.

A frequent target of hackers, the plug-in won’t be included in the next Java Developers Kit.  Native HTML5 development technology is one alternative.More at TechNewsWorld

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