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SiteVision, INC - Hosting Services
SiteVision, INC – Hosting Services

Considering a switch or upgrade to one or more dedicated servers? We can help. We’ll work with you personally to make sure you not only get an optimal configuration but that your setup is comprehensive and professional — backed by almost two decades of deploying and configuring platforms from the simple to the complex. And should you want managed servers for greater peace of mind, we’re at your ready. You can call or contact us anytime.

Custom applications? Ecommerce?  Legacy applications? You’ll find us a reliable partner.  Plus, as an approved VITA partner, we’re accustomed to creating solutions for your very specific requirements. We routinely deal with HIPPA and numerous other government agencies as an approved source.  We can also accommodate your need for specialize options such as GIS, Cloud, SAAS, ISA, Data-Driven, fail-safe or CDN hosting. SiteVision is also a SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type II compliant firm. 

6357974-three-black-serversDedicated Servers In A Nutshell:

If you are just beginning to consider a dedicated server environment, here are a few important benefits.  

Improved Security & Reliability.
You’re in control.  Compared to less stringent platforms, you eliminate the shared environments that work quite well for simple, inexpensive websites, but do increase security risk levels. There’s no concern with the sharing of server resources, disk space or the associated greater potential for downtime. Your server can be as secure as you need it to be. In brief, you don’t share bandwidth and you will always have access to the resources you require.

Scalability and Flexibility

Because we can build a dedicated server to your specific specifications, you server is custom configured for your unique web environment with specific features tailored to your unique needs. And, unlike other options, you can scale up or down, depending on your future web application, traffic or upgrade requirements.

Always Included With SiteVision Dedicated Servers

Popular Options: 

As we’ve noted, custom configurations are our specialty, but here are a few popular options.





Why SiteVision?

We’re your advocate. SiteVision has been providing web development and hosting services to government agencies and non-profit organizations for over 20 years. We understand how overwhelming it can be to seek out a reliable solution for you website, custom application, and hosting needs.

At SiteVision we are passionate about creating solutions for customers that make their life better. We excel at understanding your business process and developing an application that is easy to learn and operate. We will always be fair, knowledgeable, honest, and professional.