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GIS Mapping Application and Hosting Solutions

We’ve been developing and hosting GIS mapping applications for some 17 years now.

On the hosting side, we offer robust ESRI ArcGIS Hosting to accommodate the very specific demands these applications require.

Among the many applications we have developed and hosted are tax map parcel applications, GIS Emergency management mapping, Forestry resource mapping, NASA facility management, and Wildlife management, to name but a few.

SiteVision is a Tier III/IV infrastructure with 99.99% uptime or better and is AICPA SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type II compliant. In Virginia, We are a VITA approved supplier, including ArcGIS Hosting. We are also a SWAM vendor and an eVA Microbusiness.
If you have a need for this type of hosting, please don’t hesitate to give us a call with your particular requirements. You can also contact us through the website.


Hosting Shout-Out


This month we salute Martin Travel, a valued SiteVision Hosting Customer. Wow, our entire Hosting Teams thanks you, Kelly, for such encouraging words!

Martin Travel was founded in 1978 in Salem, Virginia, by Dr. Tom Martin, then Athletic Director at Roanoke College. Martin Travel was established strictly for business travel planning, but soon added cruises and other leisure travel to its services. It has since developed into the largest supplier of leisure travel booking and planning in western Virginia. With offices in Roanoke, Martinsville, and Blacksburg, Martin Travel continues to be a leading business travel firm in the area.

“And to brag about SiteVision…we found SiteVision when I wasn’t happy with the service (lack of!) I was getting from our previous hosting company. We’re pretty low maintenance but when I did need help I couldn’t get it. Then Steve and Christina came into my life like angels. I swear they wear halos.

The conversion to SiteVision was seamless, and Christina did a fantastic job getting me more familiar with WordPress. She helped me redesign the ordering process through our site and introduced me to the right plugins that make my life so much easier now. Most of the traffic that hits our website is regarding the VT football away/bowl games.

Previously, the ordering process was archaic, and the back end of it was a nightmare. It’s a piece of cake now thanks to Christina. Steve & Christina have taught me enough that I’m for the most part self-sufficient. But when I do need help, one of them always, always responds immediately. I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of service I get from SiteVision. 5 stars!”

Kelly Fitzgerald, Martin Travel


Google Flexes its Cloud Muscle

Google-CloudPlatformGoogle gave notice it’s in the enterprise cloud for the long haul at the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) user conference.

As one of its fastest growing businesses, Google touted its commitment to innovation and open source with a $9.9 billion-dollar capital expenditure in 2015 from Alphabet, Google’s parent company – with plenty more to come.

The company noted over 300 improvements to its cloud platform during 2015 and its thousands of people-years in engineering based on existing consumer cloud services. Improvements include a new machine learning platform; new identity and access management tools; audit logging utilities for IT bottlenecks; and an improved administrative framework for compliance protocols and corporate data tracking policies.

As it faces off with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, the company is competing for what is currently a $20-billion-dollar-a-year business forecast to grow by 35% next year according to Gartner
Recent wins for Google include Spotify, Coca-Cola, and Snapchat. Other customers include Home Depots, Sony Music, Best Buy, Philips and Electronic Arts. You can read more at CIO and Investors Business Daily.


In The News

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