SiteVision April News & Tips

Windows 10 Summer Release & Free To All

Win10This issue we’re focusing in on Windows, because lately the news is pretty much all about, you guessed it: Windows 10, and for good reason. While newer form factors munch away on traditional MS marketshare, Windows OS PC shipments worldwide still accounted for some 400 million new units in 2014 (Gartner), while billions of units are in use from XP through current.

Plus, as you may have noticed, Microsoft has been busy recharging not only its software, but its entire outlook. And the good news is that the old “head in the sand,” mental now has Microsoft aggressively presenting a totally fresh perspective. MS is dedicated to universal apps that work across iOS, Android, and, of course, Windows OS – whether in the cloud, or on PC, Tablet, Hybrid or Mobile form factors.

The Best Features of Win 10

As we discussed recently, Windows 10 appears to be what Windows 8 should have been – one reason they skipped Win 9 and went straight into Win10. You can review a quick take of the best of Win 10 features at SiteVision News. And there’s a lot of good news.

Update: Free Now Includes Pirated Versions

The company now plans to deliver Win 10 to all customers, even those running pirated versions of Windows.

Speaking to Reuters from the WinHEC conference in China, Microsoft’s operating system chief Terry Myerson said, “We are upgrading all qualified PCs, genuine and non-genuine, to Windows 10. This means that everyone running Windows 7 or 8.1, irrespective of whether you pirated the operating system or not, will be allowed to upgrade to Windows 10.”

The announcement not only acknowledges the 70-80 plus percent of Chinese pirated copies, but confirms that its new universal Windows approach requires a common operating system fed, updated and maintained through the cloud.

Update: Upgrade Matrix

While free, there are some restrictions as noted in this update matrix provided by Microsoft.

Win10 Upgrade Path

Biometric Authentication. Show Your Face or Finger.

With hacking intrusions becoming ever more frequent and sophisticated, FMicrosoft has decided to include biometric authentication in its upcoming Win 10. MS will offer a login option called “Hello,” and “Passport” for web applications and services. Users may opt in or out. While mobile has developed biometric applications, Most PC users still login using passwords. You can read more at Microsoft and ComputerWorld. A video is here.

Microsoft HoloLensBaked in AR with HoloLens

While many are also actively engaged in 3d augmented reality applications and devices, Microsoft has elected to bake it right into the Windows 10 OS and has developed HoloLens headgear as the visualization device. You can see the Video here.

It’s pretty exciting conceptually, as is the entire spectrum of the technology. The HoloLens is said to be lightweight, untethered, adjustable and moves dimensionally with you as you walk. Spatial sound, and the ability to print are other touted features.

Internet Explorer Out. Spartan Browser In.

The predicted demise of the bloated IE browser comes none too soon. While Project Spartan hasn’t received an approved name, it is expected to mostly replace IE with a leaner, universal application that can run on mobile or PC, etc.
Touted features include:

  • Direct webpage annotation, sync, save and share
  • Cortina – Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now
  • A new reading mode that strips away extraneous material on a webpage

You can see a Microsoft video here

Quick Takes

BiometricwingBirds’ Foldable Wings Could Inspire Nimble Drones

Android flaw puts personal data at risk for millions, but only affects apps Installed from a 3rd Party App Store

More than half of all IE users face patch axe in 10 months

Mouse Connoisseur? Treat Yourself to the Logitech MX Master

Canary_DeviceCanary, the DIY home-security system, goes from crowd-funding sensation to mainstream retail product

March 2015 Newsletter

Net Neutrality:
New Rules of the Road

Net NeutralityLove it or hate it, the die is cast. The FCC has ordered that broadband providers are a telecommunication service and therefore a public utility with certain rules of the road to ensure consumers fast, fair and open access to the content of their choice.

According to the FCC, because large broadband providers have innate economic incentives to “prioritize their interests above the interest of their users,” the new new rules prohibit certain behaviors:

Users should understand that the new rules don’t mean that all customers will receive the same level of service. You already pay for different speed levels. The ruling essentially says that gatekeepers (the major broadband providers) as a public provider of services may not unfairly abuse that position to interfere with user access to unfettered content of their choice.

Hugely controversial, the new rules will likely remain a contentious issue and will be challenged on both sides of the fence. You can read more at FCC, PCWorld, USAToday


outlook mobileMicrosoft’s Outlook For Mobile
Gets A Thumbs Up

According to most reviews, the new Outlook apps for iOS and Android are both welcome and quite robust.

They feature integration of mail and calendar functions from multiple accounts including Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo, and can save files to – and email from – Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.

Note that the Android version is a preview, with some attendant glitches, while the iOS version was called “butter smooth.” You can read more at Re/Code and PC World


Chrome 40 WarningGoogle To Warn Of Malicious Sites:

Google’s Chrome browser will now warn you before you enter a site that encourages you to download nefarious programs. The new warnings also extend to Google search and ads. You can read more at Computer World and PC Mag


Show-Me-The-Money Thermostat

ThermoneystatThermoneystat promises to let you control the money you spend on heating and cooling, help the planet, and alert you about a failure. Still in the Kickstarter phase, the developers claim it uses load leveling algorithms to manage your heating and cooling, and by so doing eliminates big surprises in your energy bill. Whether it works out or not for the developer, time will tell, but it’s at least an idea you could warm up to, eh? More at TechHive and Kickstarter


Eero: Seamless Home Networking
Here, There, Everywhere.

eero+three-fourths+viewEero promises to bring state-of-the-art wireless (think no dead spots) to your home in one pretty little package. It’s not only a router, but a range extender and a repeater in a single device. While one Eero works just fine, the beauty is that by adding another Eero or two, you have an instant mesh network with no mess or fuss, because it’s all self configuring.

eero mesh networkingJust plug the additional Eeros into any wall outlet, and the Master Eero auto configures the added units. With its cloud component, Eero constantly optimizes connections and monitors speed, updates and security issues. Though a startup, Eero developers and advisors have some sterling credentials. You can read more at Eero, and reviews at Engadget and The Verge.


Quick Takes

Android Smartphones Dominate Worldwide,
But Apple Profits

Pepple Time Smartwatch Kickstarter Campaign Grabs Nearly 15 Million So Far.

Security News Weekly Update

Freak – Another Big SSL Security Hole

18 Nifty Google Map Tricks


Chris Smith Joins SiteVision In Network Administration

Chris SmithRoanoke, VA March 6, 2015:   Chris Smith has joined SiteVision as Network Systems Administrator reporting To Steve Gunter, Hosting Manager.  Smith was formerly Network Administrator for Robertson Marketing Group, Salem, VA.

Smith holds a Bachelor of Computer & Information Science, Skyline College, as well as a Bachelor of Music, Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA, and was an Accelerated Graduate of US Combined Forces School of Music, Norfolk Virginia.  In his former position as Network and Security Administrator for The Robertson Marketing Group, he was responsible for administering, configuring and securing the corporate network; warehouse management systems; physical and virtual servers; email systems; public and private cloud environments; and ecommerce platforms.  Smith also performed system and disaster recovery planning and was responsible for ISO compliance.

In his new position at SiteVision, Inc., Smith will be responsible for effective provisioning, installation, configuration, operation and maintenance of systems hardware, software and related infrastructures in cooperation with SiteVision staff.  He will also be working with security systems and software to enhance network, device and website security. Additionally, Smith will participate in technical research, planning and development as it relates to continued technical innovation within the hosting environment.


Steven Neiland Joins SiteVision As Web Developer

Roanoke, VA February 23, 2015:  Steven Neiland, formerly of Sterling Payment Technologies, Tampa, Florida, has joined SiteVision as Web Application Developer.  Neiland will be responsible for creating custom web application solutions for the SiteVision development team.

Neiland is a graduate of Cork Institute of Technology, Cork Ireland with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Software Development.  At Sterling Payment Technologies, he was responsible for the integration of existing web applications and the creation of new web applications to interface with corporate databases. Other responsibilities included code migrations, the automation of code deployment, legacy application debugging, as well as database architecture analysis and optimization. Prior experience at Loco Software, Cork, Ireland included the position of Senior Web Developer and Lead Database Developer. In his current position at SiteVision, Neiland brings an exceptional skill set to compliment SiteVision web designers, database administrators and project leaders.

About SiteVision:  SiteVision, Inc. ( is an Internet application development, consulting, design and hosting firm providing solutions for a broad spectrum of markets and industries, as well as for state, federal and international entities. Expertise includes custom, back-end dynamic applications, consulting to achieve unique goals, geographic information systems (GIS), content management systems, hosting services including, map and GIS application hosting, as well as custom and dedicated hosting solutions.

SiteVision, Inc. participates in, or is available through, the following state and federal contracting vehicles, and is a SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type II compliant firm:

The firm has its home office in Roanoke, VA, with sales offices in Charlottesville, VA and Miami, FL.



February News & Tips: Win10 Free & More

Windows 10: New. Improved. And Free to Win 7 & 8.1 users

Windows 10
Is Windows 10 what Windows 8 shouda’ coulda’ been? Early reflections say yes, maybe. Microsoft’s recent press event which introduced a Win 10 technical release, teased not only the OS, but the shifting sands of Microsoft strategics. The giant was, perhaps, humbled by the disastrous Win 8 release for all the right reasons, and it’s now aggressively revamping how it will move into the future.

The good news is that Win 10 may be what Win 8 was promised to be with some interesting new features. We’ve included links to some major industry reviews, but present here a short take. So what’s new and noteworthy?

More at CNET Win 10, CNET More On Win, Info World, TechRadar, PCWorld, Microsoft

Is Your Website A Mess?

Hopefully you have a website that’s up to date, attractive, and informative – one that reflects a cohesive corporate vision and personality. The bad news is, if it’s an outdated, clumsy, and a mish-mash – that’s pretty much how visitors remember you. They click away and move on.

As folks who have developed websites and applications for retail, government, corporate, public and professional entities for almost two decades, we’ve seen websites go from optional to an absolutely essential component of the digital age in which we now reside.

Content Mgmt SystemsUpgrading Static Websites to
Content Management Systems:

From the simple to the complex, a content management system (CMS) like WordPress provides a web structure that gives you the ability to effectively manage content and delivery. Once deployed, employees can contribute to the site at varying permission levels in a user-friendly, word-processing environment. WordPress, one of our preferred CMS platforms, can help deliver positive visual continuity with user-friendly navigation. Almost any option can include a secure area for internal communications and other matters.

SiteVision options include WordPress site development, hosting, and automatic update management. You can contact us anytime for questions, or for guidance without feeling obligated.

Gadgets & Gizmos


Qualcomm WiPowerQualcomm WiPower: Get rid of nasty, snaky, tangled cords. How often have we all wished to rid ourselves forever of cords? While universal cordless, no-battery charging, powering for all we do is a way off, Qualcomm’s WiPower gives us their take on charging and powering electronics wirelessly.

Named one of the best gadgets of CES 2015, this handy device charges and powers mulitple devices at a time. Devices don’t have to be in direct contact with a charging pad; just within the charge area. The concept can also be incorporated into furniture and other surfaces. You can see a video and read more at Qualcomm

theeggEggCyte – the mini webserver that goes where you go and runs all day! Put this clever little device in your pocket and just go. It’s a pocket-size web-server, network storage and touchscreen computer roughly half the size of a smartphone. The Egg is a personal webserver (no cloud with the emphasis on personal) in various configurations of up to 256GB that’s self configuring and easily accessible from any browser. It’s also a Wi-Fi access point, so you and others can view content even with no Wi-Fi available. The Egg also features a personal website to store your stuff. It’s expected to ship this year. You can read more at ZDNET and EggCyte

check_mark_greenQuick Takes


Google Fiber Coming To Town

Office 2016 Coming Soon

Office for Android Live Now

Will AI Take Over the Human Race? Some Pretty Heavy Thinkers Are Worried

Critical Java Update

Security News Weekly Update

All the Best Knuckleheads Writing the Worst Passwords

Gmail users can now save files and attachments directly to Google Drive – without leaving their inbox.


New SiteVision Data Center Upgrades Give Customers a Powerful Speed, Security and Environment Boost.

Fiber-Optic BackboneROANOKE, VA January 20, 2015:  A powerful new SiteVision data center is now in place – good news for customers. The infrastructure upgrades and enhancements improve overall stability, power, internet speeds, environment and security – a win-win situation for all SiteVision customers. The infrastructure enhancements create a new primary facility with a separate optional backup and disaster recovery operation and services.

The new data center features fiber-optic reliability and scalable speeds to provide existing and new customers with state-of-the-art bandwidth whether their need is minimal or bandwidth-intensive. It also features a cutting edge, national fiber-optic backbone for exceptional connectivity and minimal downtime. Advanced backup battery and generator power translate into exceptionalpower conditioning and longevity during power outages. Content Delivery Network (CDN) users can also expect outstanding performance with the enhanced network connections

Overall, existing customers will experience a new level of high performance, consistent throughput, speed and availability. Additional power, battery and generator infrastructures have been designed to provide fail-safe power with maximum multi-level redundancy features.   An 8-line, in-out national internet backbone provides additional security and access. New internal and external network components feature high performance network throughput to address any potential for bandwidth or network bottlenecks. 

New Backup & Failover Solutions

With the new data center in place, SiteVision can offer a wide variety of specialized backup and fail-over solutions based on specific customer needs and requirements. If customer website, server and applications call for 100 percent uptime and are user-critical – SiteVision can provide a custom solution as simple or complex as is required. Among offerings are full systems-site backups and fail-over to SQL mirroring, code replication, DNS monitoring with Round-Robin DNS, and disaster recovery options such as offsite tape or disk backup.

Virtualization SolutionsNew Virtualization Solutions

SiteVision has also been busy upgrading and implementing new and improved virtual server solutions built on the power and stability of the Citrix XenServer Virtual Server Solution. These upgrades provide many features to minimize downtime while offering new enhancements and scalability.

Among features are:

  • Live Migration – Allows us to migrate the virtual server to one of many host servers without shutting down the server. If there is a problem with the current host server, Citrix will automatically move a virtual server to a host without the need to reboot.
  • Load Balancing – This allows us to utilize multiple host servers to spread out the load of the individual Virtual servers and dynamically allocate resources as needed.
  • Network Security – Allows us to assign multiple addresses and VLANS to specific virtual servers for added security
  • Scalability – We can upgrade and add resources to any virtual server as needed at any given time based on usage such as CPU, memory and hard drive Space.

All virtualization services are integrated with a new Dell PowerVault Storage San that includes redundant modules including: logic boards, network Interfaces, RAID hard drives and power supplies.

Combined – customers can anticipate stellar uptime for all web applications and services hosted by SiteVision. Consultations are always free of charge.

SSAE SOCAs a SOC 1 SAE 16 Type II compliant firm, new and existing customers with sensitive requirements can look to the firm for compliance standards that meet required security, trust, service and processing protocols.

About SiteVision: SiteVision, Inc. ( is an Internet application development, consulting, design and hosting firm providing solutions for a broad spectrum of markets and industries, as well as for state, federal and international entities. Expertise includes custom, back-end dynamic applications, consulting to achieve unique goals, geographic information systems (GIS), content management systems, hosting services including, map and GIS application hosting, as well as custom and dedicated hosting solutions.

SiteVision, Inc. participates in, or is available through, the following state and federal contracting vehicles:

  • Virginia VITA CAI Supplier, Managed Staff Augmentation Services Contract (VA-051123-CAI)
  • Virginia VITA Supplier, Hosting Services Contract
  • Virginia eVa Procurement as a sub-contractor to various state and federal private contractor entities
  • State and Federal Sole-source Contracting

The firm has its home office in Roanoke, VA, with sales offices in Charlottesville, VA and Miami, FL.


SiteVision News & Tips: January 2015

Red arrowNew SiteVision Data Center  Gives Customers A Powerful Speed, Security and Environment Boost.

While we will be issuing a separate update with the full details, our recent infrastructure investment means that a powerful new data center with a fiber optic backbone is now in place for outstanding connectivity, increased security and minimal downtime. Stay tuned! We’ll be back in a few days with the full details!

2015 Forecasts See
Big Emphasis On IT

gartnerpngIf you haven’t noticed, (and we’re sure you have) Information Technology is moving at warp speed. As Gartner releases early 2015 forecasts, IT continues apace to move up the corporate ladder for its ability to play a critical role in business successes or failures. The traditional IT utilitarian role is being challenged and amplified by important new opportunities within a digital framework. And it’s far more than hardware as IT and traditional marketing share common concerns and potential in the years ahead.

So what’s ahead for 2015 and beyond? For small business or large, it’s increasingly obvious that the digital age is well upon us, and those who ignore its pervasive influence do so at their peril. Gartner gives us their take:

Top Technology Trends For 2015

Gartner defines these trends as those that will have significant corporate and organizational impact within the next three years. So get ready to check your pulse!

Computing Everywhere: While the predominant thrust to date has been on the physical creation of mobile devices, a parallel track will be creating environments where mobile users (and their devices) can flourish and be adequately managed in a diverse and complex environment.

The Internet of Things (IoT): The digitization of data and services creates what Gartner calls four basic models – Manage, Monetize, Operate and Extend. They stress that such a model applies not only to the creation of new physical devices and their operating software, but to existing hard or soft assets that can be extended or repurposed to leverage additional revenue streams. Examples might be creating subscription based models of an existing asset and/or creating pay-per-use opportunities for people, places, and things.

3D Printing: This industry is expected to grow by 98 percent next year, and with it a litany of industrial, biomedical, and consumer applications.

Advanced, Pervasive and Invisible Analytics: analyzing, filtering and maximizing volume data to create precise delivery models.

Context-Rich Systems: imbedded intelligence for agile response to specific user requests or needs

Smart Machines: machines that act autonomously and responsively to their environments and demands.

Cloud/Client Computing: flexible, scalable, elastic applications deliverable to and from the cloud.

Software-Defined Applications and Infrastructure: agile programming to deliver software with sophisticated flexibility to move from static to dynamic environments and requirements.

Web Scale IT: an evolving dedication by larger enterprise to concentrate on building extensive cloud based services and infrastructure.

Risk Based Security and Self Protection: A layered, sophisticated approach with security aware applications knowing that there is no such thing as being 100% safe.

Top CEO Technology Investments
For The Next Five Years

According to Gartner’s 2014 Gartner CEO and Senior Executive Survey embracing a digital future is key to performance for the next five years. A late 2013 useful (& free) version of the study is available here. While both surveys gathered the opinions of top executives from firms with revenue of $250M or more, savvy firms of all sizes can take heed!

In a nutshell, there’s no doubt that CEOs are recognizing the importance of applying technology much more aggressively in the future, as well as placing a higher value on the CIO function.

Whereas in prior years the IT function was primarily utilitarian, the new emphasis incorporates and emphasizes innovation and the strategic deployment of digital technologies to enhance revenue streams. As Gartner suggests, this may create some churn within the marketing-traditional IT function as each is challenged to become something more. top-technology-investments1

Image by Tiffani Bova, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner

check_mark_greenQuick Takes

12 of the best new features in Android Lollipop

Gmail Adds Support For Attaching Actual Drive Files

Apple Pushes Out 1st Ever Automatic Security Update

The New Wave Of Privacy Profiteers.

CES: World’s Largest Gadget & Tech Event Kicks Off Jan 6

Microsoft Update Blunders Out of Control?


Blaine Bradbury Joins SiteVision

Roanoke, VA December 16, 2014: Blaine Bradbury has joined SiteVision, Inc. as Web Application Developer reporting to Phillip Molaro, Development Manager. Bradbury brings over 18 years of experience in building and driving corporate database applications. He is an experienced Architect and Web Software Producer covering all methodologies, tools, and architecture models.

In addition to private consultancy, Bradbury was most recently a Technical Delivery Manager (TDM) for Ciber, a global IT consulting company. As TDM, Bradbury was responsible for managing and enabling processes, strategies, architecture and systems analysis across Enterprise Information Technology groups. He is proficient in all technical skill sets, and brings strong vision, planning and management skills to enterprise level web development. As Web Application Developer for SiteVision, Bradbury will be responsible for developing and managing software solutions in concert with the SiteVision development team.

SiteVision, Inc. ( is an Internet application development, consulting, design and hosting firm providing solutions for a broad spectrum of markets and industries, as well as for state, federal and international entities. Expertise includes custom, back-end dynamic applications, consulting to achieve unique goals, geographic information systems (GIS), content management systems, hosting services including, map and GIS application hosting, as well as custom and dedicated hosting solutions.

SiteVision, Inc. participates in, or is available through, the following state and federal contracting vehicles:

  • Virginia VITA CAI Supplier, Managed Staff Augmentation Services Contract (VA-051123-CAI)
  • Virginia VITA Supplier, Hosting Services Contract
  • Virginia eVa Procurement as a sub-contractor to various state and federal private contractor entities
  • State and Federal Sole-source Contracting

The firm has its home office in Roanoke, VA, with sales offices in Charlottesville, VA and Miami, FL.



December 2014 News & Tips: Holiday Tech

Holiday Tech From Fantasy To Nearly Free!

geek-santaEach December we try to lighten up and find tech gifts to smile about – or buy depending on your budget.

This year we won’t even talk about Smartphones. The November issue highlighted the most popular, but there’s a plethora of great phones out there at all price points. Much will depend on your cell provider, unless you buy one outright.

A nice overview of all kinds of tech goodies, by the way, can be found at Tech Radar’s Holiday Gift Guide


ferrariThe Ferrari LaFerrari

For starters, how about the new Ferrari? Car and Driver gives it a thumbs up (why not). Men’s Gear loves the car – hates the name.

It’s the new Ferrari LaFerrari with a heart pumping top speed of 225 mph, a 789hp, 6.3L V12 , 160hp electric motor and a 7-speed DCT gearbox for a total of 949hp, a 0-62 time of under three seconds, and a 0-124 time of under seven seconds.

You’re going to have to marry money, feel exceptionally flush or exceedingly generous. It retails for about $1,350,000.


Meet The QuadSki: By Land Or By Sea

quadskiJet ski meets ATV in this Vilebrequin Quadski exclusive to Neiman Marcus and offered in the famous NM Christmas Book. Hailed as the world’s best high-speed amphibians, they convert from water cruisers to land lovers in just under five seconds. According to NM, It quickly accelerates up to 45 mph on land or water via a 1300cc BMW engine.

Price includes a trip to the test facility for training and your very own GoPro camera. Too bad NM’s idea of a custom version was to cover it in turtles. Really? Psst: it comes in other colors by Gibbs. From NM: $50,000 each.


Echo from Amazon: Your New BFF?

Here’s a neat little surprise from Amazon (especially after the disastrous Fire Phone timing). It gets a preliminary 10 out of 10 from several reviewers.

So what is it? Think of it as your personal Siri, or Google Now sitting in your living room (or wherever). Information, music, news, weather, lists and more are instantly controlled by your voice.

Voice recognition hears you from across the room; supposedly in normal tones up to 30 feet or so. It’s always listening, so you simply say, “Alexa,” and it awaits your command. It’s connected to the cloud so it’s always getting smarter, according to Amazon.

The Echo is currently by invitation, so only a few have been able to test it out thoroughly. And, whether or not it will be shipping in time for the holidays is unknown. $199 or $99 to Prime members. A review by ZDNet is here. And a video from Amazon is here.


Streaming Media Devices

roku_3_w_180If you haven’t yet chopped cable and its onslaught of commercial interruptions and price plays, think streaming. Or maybe you’re not that annoyed, but just want to up your viewing pleasures. It matters not!
These handy, inexpensive devices are the beans – a great holiday gift for all kinds of folks at near stocking stuffer prices for the USB versions!

A compact review of the most popular can be found at Tom’s Hardware. chromecast_w_180For the uninitiated you can select from ROKU, ChromeCast, Roku Streaming Stick and Google Nexus Player. Priced modestly from about $30 (USB versions) to $100.


Top Tablets

tabletsLike Smartphones, there are a ton of tablets out there in a variety of sizes as the market tries to sift out the keepers in form factors and features. For Christmas, keep in mind there are inexpensive choices for the little ones, not covered here.

Pretty much by consensus, the top three or four tablets right now are the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and iPad Air 2 and mini. Some would include the new Nexus 9. All are super for media consumption, as well as everyday needs depending on your size requirement.

Amazon’s tablet is a custom offering, so Google email and other favorites are not available, but it’s highly touted in most reviews. The new iPad Tabs are fast and slick; evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Full size tabs obviously give you a better streaming experience, while the smaller tabs with high res screens are far more handy to tuck in a pocket or purse. In short, it appears any of these would make a great choice in a size that accommodates your daily use.


Holiday Travel?

TripItTripIt (Android & iOS) keep you organized, on-time and happy, happy.

Review by CNet: TripIt, gathers all the dates, confirmation numbers and other vital information from your upcoming reservations and turns them into an organized travel itinerary. All you have to do is forward your travel-related emails to TripIt and the service does the rest.

SiteVision News & Tips November 2014

Windows OS: A Long, Slow Slog To Perfection?

win10previewIt’s really hard to get excited about an OS that has failed consumers and business in so many ways. But maybe there’s hope. Windows 8.1 got a boost in adoption from 6.7 percent in September to nearly eleven percent in October. And, yes, soon there’s to be a leap – not to Windows 9 – but to Windows 10.

As should be expected, however, most consumers are holding on to their version of Windows until the dust settles or the cows come home (whatever happens first). Windows 7, for instance, still has a whopping 53 percent share, followed by XP at 17 percent – down from nearly 24 percent in September – when Microsoft cut off support for that version.

Shutting Down The XP, VISTA Win 7 Lifeline:

A look at the numbers might suggest that the Win 8.1 increased market share had more to do with a Microsoft power play. MS is virtually forcing XP, VISTA, and Win 7, 8 users to adopt Win 8.1 as they begin to cut off consumer retail sales and mainstream support for Pre-8.1 OS versions. With the earlier lifelines shutting down, there’s really little choice for desktop Window users, other than to hold on, or move to 8.1 (aka Windows 10).

So It’s On To Win 10:

The Win 10 Technical Preview (9841) tells us a bit about what the expected 2015 release will sport, with substantial tweaks and additions, no doubt. In fact there’s already an update build called 9860 promising some 7,000 changes and additions. While the Technical Preview is exactly what it says – it’s geared to technical users, both techies and regular users can view a Microsoft video that illustrates expected features and tweaks for Windows 10.

Since the Microsoft OS commands a whopping 91 percent (plus) desktop market share, it’s likely you, too, will soon be running Windows 10. Enterprise users, however, will probably continue to resist embracing an operating system with a pretty dismal record to date. You can read more at Microsoft (lifecycle), Forbes, CNET, TechRadar, and Computerworld

SiteVision Certified As SOC-1 SSAE 16 Type II Compliant.

Alt text hereWe’re proud to have achieved this certification! It follows a robust, independent third party audit that performed a rigorous assessment of SiteVision company controls that included administration, human resources, management, development, hosting, security policies, procedures and practices, as well as training and contracting. The compliance standards are those developed by AICPA (American Institute of Certified PUblic Accountants).

Regular customers, as well as those with sensitive security and document requirements, can outsource multiple needs knowing that SiteVision is compliant. You can read more here.

iphone6-smThe Best Smartphones Right Now

If you’re looking ahead to the holidays and to treating yourself or a significant other to a new Smartphone, there are a few that consistently rise to the top.

It probably comes as no surprise that the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are hands down winners with almost every reviewer we checked out. Others that were consistently found in the top tier were Samsung Galaxy 5, the new Moto X, The LG G3, the Sony Xperia Z3, and the HTC One M8. You can check them out at: CNET, TechRadar, ZDNET, Business Insider.

Just Introduced: The Nexus 6

N6-smThe hot, new Nexus 6, gets a good first take from reviewers who also note that this phone is a top tier offering with a price to match. Great specs, a 13-megapixel phone, “buttery smooth operation,” and the new Lollipop operating system make it an intriguing contender late in the year according to CNET’s first take. It is slated to be available off or on contract as preferred. Last we heard it was already backordered, or as Google prefers to call it available for “preorder”! Expected shipping mid-November?

Nexus9_smAnother Newbie From Google: The Nexus 9 Tablet.

Just out, the new Nexus 8.9” tablet gets a positive take over at TechRadar. Strong specs, the new Lollipop operating system, great speakers for a device of this type, a 2,048 x 1,536-pixel-resolution with a decent, but not cheap price point, make it a contender to be considered. Pricing starts at $399 for a 32GB model. Current Competitors include the Samsung Tab S (in 10.5” and 8.4”), the iPad Air 2, and Sony’s Z3.

Drupal Warns Users: Apply Latest Security Patch Now.

drupal logoFor users who have not deployed the latest patch released on October 15, Drupals says consider yourself compromised, and restore from a backup now!

“Automated attacks began compromising Drupal 7 websites that were not patched or updated to Drupal 7.32 within hours of the announcement of SA-CORE-2014-005 – Drupal core – SQL injection,” the Drupal security team said.

“You should proceed under the assumption that every Drupal 7 website was compromised unless updated or patched before Oct 15th, 11pm UTC, that is 7 hours after the announcement.”

This is a biggie for Drupal users. Intrusion is very hard to detect, and the compromise is massive. Drupal considers the patch highly critical.
Read More Here

Why SiteVision?

We’re your advocate. SiteVision has been providing web development and hosting services to government agencies and non-profit organizations for over 20 years. We understand how overwhelming it can be to seek out a reliable solution for you website, custom application, and hosting needs.

At SiteVision we are passionate about creating solutions for customers that make their life better. We excel at understanding your business process and developing an application that is easy to learn and operate. We will always be fair, knowledgeable, honest, and professional.