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Windows 10 Summer Release & Free To All

Win10This issue we’re focusing in on Windows, because lately the news is pretty much all about, you guessed it: Windows 10, and for good reason. While newer form factors munch away on traditional MS marketshare, Windows OS PC shipments worldwide still accounted for some 400 million new units in 2014 (Gartner), while billions of units are in use from XP through current.

Plus, as you may have noticed, Microsoft has been busy recharging not only its software, but its entire outlook. And the good news is that the old “head in the sand,” mental now has Microsoft aggressively presenting a totally fresh perspective. MS is dedicated to universal apps that work across iOS, Android, and, of course, Windows OS – whether in the cloud, or on PC, Tablet, Hybrid or Mobile form factors.

The Best Features of Win 10

As we discussed recently, Windows 10 appears to be what Windows 8 should have been – one reason they skipped Win 9 and went straight into Win10. You can review a quick take of the best of Win 10 features at SiteVision News. And there’s a lot of good news.

Update: Free Now Includes Pirated Versions

The company now plans to deliver Win 10 to all customers, even those running pirated versions of Windows.

Speaking to Reuters from the WinHEC conference in China, Microsoft’s operating system chief Terry Myerson said, “We are upgrading all qualified PCs, genuine and non-genuine, to Windows 10. This means that everyone running Windows 7 or 8.1, irrespective of whether you pirated the operating system or not, will be allowed to upgrade to Windows 10.”

The announcement not only acknowledges the 70-80 plus percent of Chinese pirated copies, but confirms that its new universal Windows approach requires a common operating system fed, updated and maintained through the cloud.

Update: Upgrade Matrix

While free, there are some restrictions as noted in this update matrix provided by Microsoft.

Win10 Upgrade Path

Biometric Authentication. Show Your Face or Finger.

With hacking intrusions becoming ever more frequent and sophisticated, FMicrosoft has decided to include biometric authentication in its upcoming Win 10. MS will offer a login option called “Hello,” and “Passport” for web applications and services. Users may opt in or out. While mobile has developed biometric applications, Most PC users still login using passwords. You can read more at Microsoft and ComputerWorld. A video is here.

Microsoft HoloLensBaked in AR with HoloLens

While many are also actively engaged in 3d augmented reality applications and devices, Microsoft has elected to bake it right into the Windows 10 OS and has developed HoloLens headgear as the visualization device. You can see the Video here.

It’s pretty exciting conceptually, as is the entire spectrum of the technology. The HoloLens is said to be lightweight, untethered, adjustable and moves dimensionally with you as you walk. Spatial sound, and the ability to print are other touted features.

Internet Explorer Out. Spartan Browser In.

The predicted demise of the bloated IE browser comes none too soon. While Project Spartan hasn’t received an approved name, it is expected to mostly replace IE with a leaner, universal application that can run on mobile or PC, etc.
Touted features include:

  • Direct webpage annotation, sync, save and share
  • Cortina – Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now
  • A new reading mode that strips away extraneous material on a webpage

You can see a Microsoft video here

Quick Takes

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