February News & Tips: Win10 Free & More

Windows 10: New. Improved. And Free to Win 7 & 8.1 users

Windows 10
Is Windows 10 what Windows 8 shouda’ coulda’ been? Early reflections say yes, maybe. Microsoft’s recent press event which introduced a Win 10 technical release, teased not only the OS, but the shifting sands of Microsoft strategics. The giant was, perhaps, humbled by the disastrous Win 8 release for all the right reasons, and it’s now aggressively revamping how it will move into the future.

The good news is that Win 10 may be what Win 8 was promised to be with some interesting new features. We’ve included links to some major industry reviews, but present here a short take. So what’s new and noteworthy?

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Is Your Website A Mess?

Hopefully you have a website that’s up to date, attractive, and informative – one that reflects a cohesive corporate vision and personality. The bad news is, if it’s an outdated, clumsy, and a mish-mash – that’s pretty much how visitors remember you. They click away and move on.

As folks who have developed websites and applications for retail, government, corporate, public and professional entities for almost two decades, we’ve seen websites go from optional to an absolutely essential component of the digital age in which we now reside.

Content Mgmt SystemsUpgrading Static Websites to
Content Management Systems:

From the simple to the complex, a content management system (CMS) like WordPress provides a web structure that gives you the ability to effectively manage content and delivery. Once deployed, employees can contribute to the site at varying permission levels in a user-friendly, word-processing environment. WordPress, one of our preferred CMS platforms, can help deliver positive visual continuity with user-friendly navigation. Almost any option can include a secure area for internal communications and other matters.

SiteVision options include WordPress site development, hosting, and automatic update management. You can contact us anytime for questions, or for guidance without feeling obligated.

Gadgets & Gizmos


Qualcomm WiPowerQualcomm WiPower: Get rid of nasty, snaky, tangled cords. How often have we all wished to rid ourselves forever of cords? While universal cordless, no-battery charging, powering for all we do is a way off, Qualcomm’s WiPower gives us their take on charging and powering electronics wirelessly.

Named one of the best gadgets of CES 2015, this handy device charges and powers mulitple devices at a time. Devices don’t have to be in direct contact with a charging pad; just within the charge area. The concept can also be incorporated into furniture and other surfaces. You can see a video and read more at Qualcomm

theeggEggCyte – the mini webserver that goes where you go and runs all day! Put this clever little device in your pocket and just go. It’s a pocket-size web-server, network storage and touchscreen computer roughly half the size of a smartphone. The Egg is a personal webserver (no cloud with the emphasis on personal) in various configurations of up to 256GB that’s self configuring and easily accessible from any browser. It’s also a Wi-Fi access point, so you and others can view content even with no Wi-Fi available. The Egg also features a personal website to store your stuff. It’s expected to ship this year. You can read more at ZDNET and EggCyte

check_mark_greenQuick Takes


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Gmail users can now save files and attachments directly to Google Drive – without leaving their inbox.


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