VSFA To Deploy New Content Management System By SiteVision

VSFA logoRoanoke, VA November 13, 2013:  The Virginia State Firefighters Association (VSFA) has chosen SiteVision, Inc., to develop a new content management system (CMS) and added functionality to its existing web presence. The new effort is designed to facilitate day-to-day website management and enhance user experience.  

VSFA has included plans to make the site more information centric for its members’ annual convention information with a convention reminder and count-down feature. In addition, the site will have membership registration allowing members to view member only content. 

SiteVision will also implement customized modules that include classified ad capability, an event calendar, social media connections, a photo library and a “News” section. Users will be able register for email and newsletter content.

responsive_designResponsive design will accommodate viewing on mobile and tablets. A new document management feature will allow VSFA to manage files in various formats by region, state, and other specifics, permitting users to find pertinent information based on their location or interest. SiteVision will provide user training. 

In total, the CMS will eliminate complex coding and create client control over HTML-based content, files, documents, and the like. One or multiple employees at various permission levels may change content easily within a familiar word processing environment.

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