SiteVision Sponsors The Lucee Project

The SiteVision sponsorship encourages an open source and community-driven International effort to substantially enhance the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) — a vital tool in web application and database development.

lucee logo 3Roanoke VA July 6, 2015— SiteVision, Inc. and its development team have elected to sponsor The Lucee Association Switzerland (LAS) in its quest to continue modernization of CFML. Lucee is a public source derivative, or fork, of the Railo CFML open source engine which is backwards compatible with both Railo and Adobe ColdFusion. The Lucee Project is led by the Lucee Association Switzerland, a non-profit Swiss association. It is a growing international project that is committed to the success of its community delivering quality, free, open-source software within a nurturing and supportive developer environment.

SiteVision’s ( long experience in CFML web application development led to its endorsement of the LAS ( and Project Lucee. The firm’s background in expert level CFML deployments fully embraces disciplines that enhance dynamic Web page creation and database access in a Web server environment. SiteVision’s Lead Technical Architect, Daria Norris, has been an enthusiastic supporter of advanced CFML scripting and is a frequent presenter on the CFML circuit. Steven Neiland, SiteVision Senior Developer, is also actively involved in Lucee Project testing, blogging and documenting.

In its simplest form, CFML like many other web scripting languages augments standard HTML files with database commands, conditional operators, high-level formatting functions, and other elements to produce web applications. According to LAS, Lucee is made for the web; it simplifies common tasks for this environment. It is a light-weight, dynamic scripting language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that enables the rapid development of simple to highly sophisticated web applications. Currently Lucee may be thought of as an upgrade to Railo which is itself, an open source modernization of CFML. The LAS group currently offers a stable release with Lucee 4.5, and has also recently released a 5.0 beta version, both of which are available to download from the Lucee Website.

In a keynote speech delivered at the dev.Objective() conference, 2015 in Minneapolis, MN, Geoff Bowers the acting LAS Secretary stressed that CFML compatibility was an essential goal: “For the sake of clarity, we will never remove something from the Lucee CFML compatibility layer that will decrease our compatibility with Adobe’s latest offering. Even if we choose to “deprecate” something, we mean simply that a better alternative exists . . . If you are a CFML developer you will be right at home with Lucee Language. Its got the same fundamental principles as CFML but with modern best practices, and language improvements built in.”

Daria Norris of SiteVision notes that: “The work LAS is doing with Lucee 4.5 is raising the standard for CFML programming. While it is still a beta, Lucee 5 gives us a glimpse into a future that includes ease of deployment, modern features and rapid language training and development.

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