SiteVision Adds E-Commerce To Central Virginia Waste Management Authority Website

In an innovative move some years ago, the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA) added an online support system for its customers in Central Virginia area.  The original system allowed CVWMA to manage all customer curbside requests for central VA.  The system included the ability for customers to ask online about bin deliveries, missed pickups, info requests, email notification of scheduled pickups, recycling requests, reports, and the like. Now, customers can also actually order and pay for their curbside carts online.

CVWMA ScreensThe online ordering system includes a search function which permits users to find their specific address.  They are then presented with a screen that includes their address, a pop-up collection schedule for their area, an option to request an email reminder the day before pick-ups, a recycling bin request and the ability to order a regular 96-gallon curbside cart. The user then proceeds through the secure, online ordering and payment process. Upon successful completion of their purchase, customers receive an Order Confirmation page which can be printed, as well as an email receipt. The cart is then delivered within two to three weeks.

The Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA) is a public service authority that coordinates recycling and solid waste management programs with thirteen local governments in central Virginia. Since its formation in 1990, the CVWMA has provided economical waste management and recycling solutions for each of its member jurisdictions. The service celebrated its 20th year of service in December of 2010.  A board of directors including representatives from each member locality governs the actions of the Authority and daily operations are coordinated by an experienced staff.

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