SiteVision News & Tips: May 2013

PasswordsNew Rules for SiteVision Email!

To comply with Anti-Spam regulations and standards:

As of April 16, new passwords must: be at least 8 characters long and contain a capital letter, lower case letter, and number.

By now, you are surely aware of our new email account requirements, limits and password requirements.  It’s become a really critical issue for you and for all of us in the digital world.

In an internal review, we have discovered that most of your SiteVision email passwords could be easily hacked using a standard desktop computer.

Since nonsensical passwords can be difficult to remember, consider using a pass-phrase that reminds you of something, or is familiar.  Examples:  iLuv2shop,  d0n’tskipLunch, meetMyQu0ta, and so forth.

For the full scoop visit this article at our Help Desk and our tutorial on passwords

Helpful Email Tips

Use Unique Passwords for Your Important Accounts. Never use the same passwords for your important banking, stock, healthcare and personal information accounts. Hackers test stolen passwords and user-names from a particular site across many Internet sites, meaning your identity and banking and stock resources could be severely compromised with single use passwords. Give each of these account types a unique password!

Keep your password reminders in a Safe Place. Most of us couldn’t’t possibly remember all of our passwords to all of the sites we commonly use. So, if you decide to save your passwords, don’t leave notes with your passwords lying around in plain sight. If you save your passwords in a file, create a unique name for the file, so that people don’t know what’s inside. Avoid giving the file an obvious name, such as “my passwords.”

convertible_No More Parking Tickets?

Several clever new mobile apps not only help you park, but check your meter and find your car, too. ParkMe for Apple displays the closest parking and real time availability.  Another, HONK, for iPhone & iPad checks your meter, records where you parked your car and reminds you where to find it again.  Waze, for Apple and Android, is a social GPS app lets you get up to the minute traffic, detours and such from fellow travelers.  Take a look at this USA Today video here.  You can also visit the app sites:  ParkMe  Honk  Waze

Google-GlassDevs:  If  You Don’t Play Nice, Google Will Brick Your Google Glasses.

For those of you developers who rushed to purchase Google Glasses for development purposes and paid a hefty price, don’t get silly and try to sell, rent, loan or otherwise try to make a penny or two off of your prized possession.  Best to stick to the challenge at hand:  developing apps for the device. Cnet gives you the details

 Mycestro-the-next-generation-mouseAw, Our Beloved Mouse Is Probably Going, Going, Gone!

How long have we had that faithful little companion around?  Would you believe about 60 years?  And  now, it seems inevitable, perhaps, that mousey will bite the dust.  Here’s one example of a 3D finger-mounted device called Mycestro that’s in the works.

javaiconHoly Moly! Oracle Fixes 42 Holes in Java.

In an effort to calm the stormy seas, Oracle has released a patch that fixes not one, not two, but 42 Java vulnerabilities.  While some recommendations have included disabling Java entirely, many companies have legacy software that relies on Java and have pushed for safer implementation. You can read about it here.



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