Over The Top Gifts for Your Top Techie!


There are wonderful options out there as tech gets smaller, smarter and cheaper. But, hey, you already know about those. So why not explore the far side. Datamanser’s Steampunk Laptop may look, oh a little apocalyptic, but it supposedly sizzles with state-of-the-art components. Choose your favorite design for the cover – perhaps, clockworks, or gold foil maps. And how about a key-shaped flash drive! It’s PC only for now, but the inventor thinks MAC OS is no biggie. A pre-order can be yours for $5,500, but retail is expected to be $7,500. If nothing else getting a peek inside Mr. Nagy’s fertile mind is worth your time. http://www.datamancer.net/.

A Garden Pod Worth Working For!

The UK Based OfficePod installs in hours, is beautiful to look at, and goes where you go. Sweet! Designed to substantially enhance the work-at-home experience, it gets you out of the daily household melee and into a zen-like work environment for greatly improved productivity. Or so say the creators. It’s not yet available in the US, but we suspect it’s only a matter of time. It can currently be purchased for about 14K (UK) or it’s said, leased by the year for about 5,500K (UK). The current numbers are a little hard to come by. Best part, your boss can lease it for you (thus reducing capital expenditures). Gotta’ love that. We also loved one of the reader comments that went something like this: “For a lot less than 14K, I can afford a fully trained Doberman to stand at guard and keep my loved ones at bay while I work.” Other folks suggested getting a garden shed at Lowe’s for far fewer bucks. But, hey, none of these are even half as “kool.” http://www.officepod.co.uk/consumers/gallery/#../../images/content/gallery/11.jpg

Put This In Your Cart . . .

Drum-roll, really, for about 25M (that’s million, folks) you can have this amazing concept boat with five double en-suite staterooms, garage, bar and lounge areas. It’s also equipped with all the sound and visual equipment you’d ever want, a hidden Jacuzzi deck and, uh, a V-8, 620-horsepower supercar. Yep, you heard it right; a supercar comes with the package. You can also substitute your own Lamborghini, should you so choose. Designed by Eduard Gray of Gray Design, you might not (make that won’t) be able to afford it, but there’s no doubt, it’s an extraordinary and beautiful piece of work! Here’s the link, and would you believe it, there’s a convenient shopping cart! http://graydesign.se/en/index.php/products/luxury-yachts/strand-craft-166

Oh, and before we forget: even if Santa doesn’t bring you one of these – we wish you all the best from all of us to each of you!

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