June News & Tips From Sitevision

Lots To Like In Your New IceWarp Email!

IW_sm_HomeScreenWith a new, inside-out redesign, your new IceWarp Email Client aims to please!   For starters, a new graphically appealing and intuitive log-in page allows for company branding and personalized colors.  The same look and feel welcomes users with large LCDs, tablets, in any browser of choice.

Other great features include:

For more information visit the support article here at SiteVision.  You can also view the online Userguide


winblueMicrosoft Rejiggers Windows:

In response to a generally luke-warm reception of Win 8, and IT’s lack of enthusiasm for abandoning the very stable interface of Win7 – Voila, enter stage-left, Win 8.1.  Available as a free upgrade later this year, there are a slew of new features, but what’s one biggie?  The Start Button resurfaces!  According to several sources it’s back in its familiar place and always visible, though the menu trees are gone.  Will it look the same?  Maybe, Maybe not.  Some think it will resemble the stylized windows we show here.
For many, who are disenchanted with Microsoft’s tone-deaf approach to Win 8, the new upgrade won’t be enough.  For others, well, maybe.  According to Forrester, Win 8 in current iterations won’t gain enough traction to become a standard.  IT is particularly adverse to this upgrade.  Interestingly, though, again, according to Forrester, users have warmed up to the new version.  Here are several links to recent articles:  Engadget, Forrester, and The Verge.


Who’s Peeking At Your Skype Chats & Calls?

Oops, your private Skype calls and chats may not be so private after all.  It seems that not only is Skype (Microsoft) scanning messages for security reasons, but it is also scanning “https urls,” which are supposed to be private. Most of us reasonably expect that this type of messaging is private, but perhaps not.  It’s also unclear what Microsoft does with that data.  . Just what Microsoft needed, eh, especially since they have pounded Google for privacy infringement in a long-running “scroogled” campaign. Here’s this interesting perspective from Infoworld


weasymbolWireless Emergency Alerts For Your Mobile Device

You may not have noticed, but if your mobile device is WEA capable you will receive alerts for critical emergencies.  The alerts are issued for extreme weather situations such as floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes; Amber Alerts; or Presidential alerts about catastrophic disasters. The system is a joint effort of several government agencies such as FEMA, NOAA and the Association CTIA, a nonprofit  international trade organization. More information here.

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