December 2012 News & Tips: All You Want For The Holidays, Win 8 and more

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Tech Toys For The Holidays

Let’s get unreal.  How ‘bout this floating home?  Really?  The conceptual Trilobis 65 is both a sleek house and a sleek ride as featured in Doornob Design Ideas. It includes an underwater observatory so you can watch Jaws watching you, and worth a look, if only to dream about

On a more reasonable note, however, how about the new Nexus 4 Google Phone?  Oh, I forgot, as of this writing (11/27) it’s sold out.  Bummer.  But when and if it comes back to play, it’s unlocked, very smart and priced to sell at $299 for an 8Gig, GSM, HSPA+.  Operative word unlocked!  It’s fast, capable, and gets great reviews.

Update Google Nexus4!   It was literally just revealed that the Nexus 4 would be back in stock 11/27 at 12:00 PM PST. So depending on when you read this, you can pick one up.

Update 2!  This is getting fun (ridiculous). Goggle’s Nexus Cart broke almost immediately with unprecedented demand!  About 7:30 PM my cart finally went through.  If you happened to order one, hopefully yours did too. So now the wait.  For early orders it was 4 to 5 weeks.  Now I see it’s up to 8 or 9.

Other phones getting huge press are the Samsung Galaxy III and the Galaxy Note 2 and the ever present iPhone.  Unless you have a deep pocket, however, you’ll need to get them on contract, and you already know how that game plays.

There’s also the Sweet little Nexus 7 tablet, available now with 3G+ data.  Great price for a great 7” tablet.  For about $299 you can get a 32G with data.  The other iterations cost less and get strong reviews as well. There is also the new Kindle Fire at a great price, but somewhat  geared to the Amazon ecosystem.

And for you Apple fans, well, there’s the Apple ecosystem you know and love with the new Mini great, but feeling a little rushed and maybe a bit long in the tooth. A new mini is supposed to get the retina display.

According to some, the new 7” (give or take) tablet form factor may just be the sweet spot in tablets going forward.  We’re still waiting for flexible tablets which may not be all that far off (years, but not decades?)

Windows 8 Facing Big Migration Fatigue

(SiteVision Smarter Track News) Enterprise IT decision makers are about half as enthusiastic about the new Windows 8 as they were three years ago about the then-just-released Windows 7, an analyst said recently.  According to David Johnson of Forrester Research “Most companies are still in the midst of their Windows 7 migrations, or have only finished them.” They don’t have the time or the money for another Windows migration.”  Other reasons cited include confusion about the new operating distinctions between Win 8 and Windows RT, the new interface and limited apps.  You can read more here.

Google’s Oops!

Bah.  Humbug.  Google forgot December in its new People Calendar App (4.2 update).  Birthday boys and Girls, Santa, the elves and all the reindeer can just fuhgeddaboudit – December just became history.  The whole scoop is here, but in short, Google knows all and vows to rescue December for all the years to come in an OTA update currently rolling out!

December Maintenance & Holiday Schedule

Maintenance: Tuesday, December 18 @ 5PM Please contact us if you experience any problems.We will observe the holidays as follows:

Christmas – Monday & Tuesday, December 24 & December 25
New Years – Tuesday, January 1

SiteVision Holiday Wishes

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