Windows 10 Here to Stay!  But Do We Love It?

Windows 10With over 75 million installs and counting in just a few months, Windows 10 is here to stay. So what’s the verdict so far?  Most say this is the best since Win7.  But that begs the question. Win8 was almost universally dismissed as, well, you know, a critter that barks.  8.1 was a step in the right direction and wasn’t hated – even garnering some positive reviews. So how does Win10 stack up? Hopefully, what we’re hearing (or saying) is that Win10 is as good as, or better than Win7.

Quick Takes:  What’s To Love?

As we mentioned earlier, of course, Windows 10 is free to (non-pirated) Win 7 and 8.1 users for a year.  Can’t argue with that.  Other pluses include universal apps – a huge step for Microsoft, who now embraces cross platform applications and compatibility for all device forms.

Cortana, the Windows answer to Siri or Google Now, is a welcome plus. Desktop users can now perform calendar updates, system searches, open a new email and such; all with simple voice commands.

DirectX12 for gamers and Xbox One streaming are unique offerings now included in Windows 10.

Microsoft’s included new Edge browser is said to be leaner and meaner than Explorer  (how could it not).

Generally, Win10 is said to impress and is a much smoother road trip than earlier versions.  Specific features and tips on actually using the new OS can be found at Cnet.

So What’s Not to Love?

For starters, this kind of massive release also comes with bugs, driver incompatibilities – and a lot of little nasties. There have already been several updates within a month or so of release,  and a huge download is imminent.

Microsoft has insisted on mandatory updates, unlike earlier Windows version that let users choose their update compliance.  It’s a sticky issue with consumer and business customers alike. And while Microsoft provided an early work around, it remains to be seen how Redmond will handle the issue on a permanent basis. So watch for updates on the issue.

Privacy is another hotbed issue.  A Win10 install defaults to sharing most anything and everything on your computer with Microsoft.  While privacy is a universal issue, it’s particularly disconcerting when it comes to your personal PC (or device) which likely contains your most intimate and sensitive personal and financial information.  Computerworld, however, thinks the Windows 10 privacy issue is way overblown, or at least no more invasive that all the other devices we use. The privacy issue is one to watch, especially if you’re paranoid about such things.  The issue has become a media storm, causing Microsoft to issue a response from Redmond.

Our Take

In all, If you are a consumer and looking for a Windows computer you might want to wait a bit to let early, critical updates and bugs get resolved  —  that is, if you can. For the most part, new PCs are pre-installed with Win8.1 with a free upgrade path.  But do you want to start life with a brand new install on a brand new machine?  Some will feel it’s no problem.  Others may prefer to wait.  Soon you will find Win10 more stable and pre-installed on most new machines – perhaps a more appealing path.

So, in short, if your current PC or laptop hasn’t flat-lined, it makes sense to wait a bit until the wrinkles are ironed out, and your new PC or laptop actually arrives with Win10 installed and ready to go.

Hosting: When Out-of-the-Box Just Doesn’t Fit

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SiteVision Hosts Mapping Services for evision® of The Hague

evision_logoevision® turned to SiteVision for an ESRI ArcGIS Shared Map Hosting Service that would incorporate a Web Mapping Service (WMS) to serve georeferenced map images. The solution also included Web Feature Services (WFS) to allow data manipulation of geographic features.

As a veteran in the geospatial sector, SiteVision has been planning, developing and hosting GIS Internet applications since the mid-1990’s. The firm’s experience ranges from evaluating, recommending, and designing local, regional, and state GIS applications and related infrastructures, to developing national systems designed to store and access multiple petabytes of geospatial Information.

evision collaborationeVision Industry Software ( ) is a Dutch firm that works with senior management and front-line operational staff of global oil & gas corporations and other hazardous industries to implement innovative operational safety systems.  The firm provides client consultation then develops or configures software to maximize safety and minimize risk in their operational processes, resulting in fully auditable, real-time corporate risk management and increased operational efficiency.




Hosting Welcomes Tidewater Community College

Tidewater Community CollegeTidewater Community College, also known as “TCC,” is a busy, two-year higher education institution in South Hampton Roads with campuses in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach. They recently looked to SiteVision for their hosting requirements to accommodate multiple dedicated servers in a secure, high traffic environment.

In collaboration with TCC ( ), SiteVision developed a custom solution that included NGINX, a high performance, HTTP processing engine. NGINX allows handling of hundreds of thousands of clients and content resources simultaneously per second. The hosting solution also deploys Galera Cluster for MySQL, a high-availability solution for high system uptime, no data loss, and scalability for future growth.

Welcome Aboard!

The City of Roanoke, VA Chooses SiteVision For Geographic Information System Support

Roanoke VA September 9, 2015 — The City of Roanoke, Virginia has contracted with SiteVision, Inc. for ongoing support and enhancement of the roanokecitylogosquareCity’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The city’s GIS system is used extensively by the public, as well as by city employees. The firm, together with the city, collaborated to design the original GIS architecture, along with improvements over the years.

The City ( uses GIS to solve problems and improve business processes while promoting enterprise solutions. GIS is a system of computer software, hardware, data, and personnel to help manipulate, analyze and present information tied to a spatial location.

As a veteran in the geospatial sector, SiteVision has been planning, developing and hosting GIS Internet applications since the mid-1990’s. The firm’s experience ranges from evaluating, recommending, and designing local, regional, and state GIS applications and related infrastructures, to developing national systems designed to store and access multiple petabytes of geospatial Information.

SiteVision (, among other responsibilities, will provide on-going maintenance to all versions of the Real Estate GIS websites. The firm in concert with the city will also assist in customization and development of future website upgrades, server design and software solutions. SiteVision will collaborate with the city’s GIS staff to provide additional technical expertise and recommendations as requested.
Currently, the City’s Real Estate GIS system offers desktop, tablet, and mobile versions. A comprehensive selection of search tools allows the user to query the City’s real estate system and access detailed property information directly. Community information provides users with a summary of specific neighborhood information such as school zones, voter precincts, trash collection, greenways, and youth athletic regions. The incentive portal provides a summary of city, state and federal incentive programs available to a specific parcel.

Other GIS functionality includes tools for selecting and drawing spatial queries. Users may access related community and incentive data, create reports, and use links to the city’s permitting center. Google maps and city-owned Pictometry imagery are incorporated. In addition to specific parcel information, the map services include community layering indicating greenways, parks, schools, voter precincts, golf courses, and more.

About SiteVision: SiteVision, Inc. ( is an Internet application development, consulting, design and hosting firm. The firm provides solutions for a broad spectrum of markets and industries, as well as for state, federal and international entities. Expertise includes custom, dynamic applications, consulting to achieve unique goals, geographic information systems (GIS), and content management systems. Hosting services include shared, custom and dedicated hosting solutions, as well as map and GIS application hosting.

SiteVision, Inc. participates in, or is available through, the following state and federal contracting vehicles, and is an SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type II compliant firm:

The firm’s home office is in Roanoke, VA, with sales offices in Charlottesville, VA and Miami, FL.


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