SiteVision Develops New CMS For Shenandoah Framing

Shenandoah Framing Roanoke, VA April 18, 2013:  Shenandoah Framing, Inc., a wholesale framing manufacturer of Lexington, VA, partnered with Sitevision, Inc. to create its new website.  The firm’s updated presence implements a content management system (CMS) designed to allow publishing, editing and modifying content from a core interface.

The new CMS eliminates complex coding and creates client control over HTML-based content, files, documents, and the like. One or multiple employees at various permission levels may change content easily within a familiar word processing environment.  In addition to core website features, SiteVision developed a searchable, sortable database of its some 3500 mouldings.  Customers may search by a number of variables including specific color, sku and width to quickly see matching items.

Shenandoah Framing provides framing products and services to customers throughout the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Canada. The company itself is nearing its thirty-fourth year of serving the industry. In addition to serving as a distributor for major moulding manufacturers, the firm also designs and manufacturers its own exclusive moulding line.  The firm’s entire inventory is available in length, chop, joined and ready-made frames.

SiteVision, Inc. ( is an Internet application development, consulting, design and hosting firm providing solutions for a broad spectrum of markets and industries, as well as for state, federal and international entities. Expertise includes custom, back-end dynamic applications, consulting to achieve unique goals, geographic information systems (GIS), content management systems, hosting services including, map and GIS application hosting, as well as custom and dedicated hosting solutions.

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The firm has its home office in Roanoke, VA, with sales offices in Charlottesville, VA and Miami, FL.


SiteVision News & Tips: iOS Gains Market Share, Internet Taxes Soon?

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iOS Now Gets 58% Share of the Mobile Enterprise Market

Although Apple’s operating system has increased share, according to Citrix (who aggregated data from its customers), there are some caveats.  Where business is communicating with consumers directly, such as in retail, IOS has maintained, even increased, its lead overall.  On the other hand, where there are mobile workforces in the field such as in transportation and utilities, Android is the preferred OS.  Plus, Android is the fastest growing platform in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Windows mobile OS is sadly insignificant except in Europe, Middle East and Africa, where it shows a 21% market share.  You can read more of this interesting report here with at-a-glance graphic comparisons of various OS market attributes.

Will Apple Up Its Game with Apple iPhone 5S (uh, 6)?

With some pretty slick handsets already out there by Samsung, Sony, HTC and Google, will Apple reevaluate its game plan?  Rumors abound.  Many suggest we’ll see an iPhone 5s in the June, July time frame, and an iPhone6 later on.  Will we see a faster processor, better camera and new software (perhaps the iOS7 update)?  Is a fingerprint reader in the mix, or NFC? Will we see a plethora of color options?  A special “Home” button?   Personally, and as a new Nexus4  owner, I’m thinking Apple may be getting a little long in the tooth, especially at Apple price points.  So will they concentrate on a lower cost unit to appeal to both the Euro, Asia markets?  Or will they tempt us with a truly noteworthy model that both surprises and pleases? Here are some links from the rumor mill:  TechRadar  GottaBMobile  IBTimes

Buh-Bye Google Reader!

Uh-Oh.  In a roar heard round the world, RSS Google Reader users begged, pleaded with and cursed those at Google who decided to kill it.  One publication showed the familiar RSS button on the face of a tombstone.  And dead it is, apparently, as of July 1st.  So what’s next?  One app, Feedly, apparently picked up some 500,000 converts practically overnight, so to speak.  So if you like to get tailored news feeds whether for technology, personal or enterprise purposes, it’s time to look elsewhere. Cnet has some suggestions, as does The Verge and Forbes – all good starting points to strike out on your own.

Congress Considering Legislation To Force Sales Tax Payment Online

Brick and Mortar retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and others want it to level the playing field.  Online sellers like eBay, and online catalog companies don’t.  In the recent non-binding  budget vote, the Senate approved a proposal to authorize states to collect sales tax on Internet and catalog transactions between their residents and out-of-state retailers. Presently, state tax authority over retail transactions extends only to retailers with a physical presence in the jurisdiction.  Sure to be hugely controversial,  here are a few articles worth reviewing whether you have a dog in the fight, just regularly purchase online, or are a smaller online seller.  The Tax Foundation  Business Week TechCrunch

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