Securing Your Content Management Website

CMS GreenImportant Tips & A SiteVision Option

Websites are generally built to display information in the form of content, and in the last decade managing that content has become much easier due to the widespread use of a Content Management System often abbreviated as “CMS”.
The most popular CMS by far is WordPress with an impressive 60.1% of the CMS market share. With widespread popularity comes vulnerability, and many WordPress  sites are susceptible to attack due to running outdated, unsupported versions of the WordPress software. It’s also worth noting the 50 most downloaded plugins for WordPress in 2013 were also vulnerable to attacks such as SQL injections and Cross-site scripting (XSS).
These issues are not unique to WordPress.  All CMSs are susceptible to security risks, and it’s equally important to maintain updates no matter what your platform.  We’ve prepared an article for you about this important topic.  Read More Here.

When Something Good Gets Better, We Call It Great.

Red HatRed Hat And CentOS Join Forces

We’re happy to say that is the case with the announcement of Red Hat adopting The CentOS Project. Here at SiteVision, CentOS is our Linux distribution of choice, and we’ve relied on its stability and security to provide the excellent hosting solutions you’ve become accustomed to. Now with CentOS having access to all of resources Red Hat has to offer, we can anticipate an Operating System that offers unparalleled results.

So who benefits from this added value?  You, our customers, and we’re happy to say that’s just great! Read more at Red Hat. 


Apple LogoTwo Birthdays Worth Celebrating

30 Years ago Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh 128K to the Chariots of Fire theme song.  The computing world has never been quite the same since.  And now Time has published that groundbreaking video.  Check out Steve’s blazer.


TED logo30 Years ago TED was formed – an innovative nonprofit  think tank devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading in the worlds of Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED)  –  Apple included.  Today, TED conferences bring together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives, which TED then publishes for free, everywhere.


Microsoft’s SkyDrive Becomes OneDrive

One Drive LogoAfter losing a trademark battle, Microsoft is relaunching its cloud drive from SkyDrive to OneDrive. For any anxious users, everything is the same except for the name, according to Microsoft.  They do, however, promise more at a preview page here, where you can sign up for the news when it arrives.


svsn003The Internet Of Things Can Be A Very Scary Place!

When your embedded software in a new PC (or other computing device) is crawling with  vulnerabilities before you ever boot it up, it’s time to sit up and take notice.

So says Wired online in a thought-provoking article about embedded  software and operating systems that – when added to the Internet of things –  might just present a future security disaster.