WILD-ONe – Project Tripwire

Wildlife Incident Log/Database and Online Network
  • Active Case List

    Advanced Search capabilities to view Active Case List. Easily export search results to MS Excel and PDF.

    Active Case List
  • Membership Management (CRM)

    Manage organization contact information, user memberships, account approvals, and lookup table management.

    Membership Management (CRM)
  • WILD-ONe Dashboard

    Easy to view dashboard for quick access to application modules. Access Active Patients, Contacts, Reports, and more.

    WILD-ONe Dashboard
  • GIS Mapping

    Easily determine patterns of patient rescue as well as patient dispositions.

    GIS Mapping


WILD-ONe – Wildlife Incident Log/Database and Online Network, is an online patient management system and database designed specifically for the wildlife rehabilitation community. This application was developed for the Wildlife Center of VA. Previously SiteVision developed a pilot wildlife application that featured patient management as well as a GIS “tripwire” module that allowed users to define patient criteria that would trigger a tripwire notification to federal and state officials.

The application currently has wildlife centers across the country using the application for their day-to-day functions. SiteVision continues to work closely with the Wildlife Center of VA in developing new modules and functionality.


  • Site Architecture
  • Creative Design
  • Hosting Dedicated Server
  • Hosting Redundant Off-Site Backup
  • MS SQL Database
  • User Management (CRM)
  • Security Permissions Groups/Users/Roles

Custom Modules

  • Contact Management
  • Custom Ad Hoc Report
  • Custom Federal and State Reports
  • Daily Treatment Sheets
  • Daily SOAPs
  • Donations Module
  • Exotic Species Management
  • Look-up Table Management
  • Prescription Medication Module
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