Online Media Management

 IMB :: Media Suite

The Suite was developed to allow IMB personnel – both corporate and in the field – to compose and share mission experiences in portable, cross-platform formats. These presentations can include slide shows, documents, videos, and narratives that are packaged into a viewable, downloadable format. They can be posted on the internet, put to CD, posted or created as an RSS feed, or developed into podcasts. Users can view, download and/or create links, embed the resource and post content to their own websites.

Corrugated Container Corporation :: Assett Management Application

Utilizing the platform used in IMB Media Suite, Corrugated Container Corp utilizes online media management for preparing media for customer review. Media is designed by Corrugated Container and then customer is notified via email to review. Customers have access to “media” page to view designs as well as communications with Corrugated Container Corp.
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