Solutions for Education

 PICS :: Dynamic Web Application

PICS is the only college-selection software program that ASSESSES a student’s personality and then DETERMINES the ideal characteristics of a college suited to the individual. This is not an inventory in which a student indicates preferred student body size, living environment and campus attitudes. In fact, there are very few questions related to college at all. Instead, PICS evaluates each answer to the set of paired questions and then provides a profile of the kind of college or university the student should consider.

Hendrix College :: Ektron Content Management System

Hendrix College utilizes Ektron Content Managent System to manage website content.

Hollins University :: Online Forms Management

Since the late 1990’s Sitevision has worked with Hollins University to manage all of their online forms. The forms started out as simple online form to email processing and now all forms are managed via a secure admin section. Hollins utilizes over 20+ forms, everything from a Contact Coach form to registering and paying for a Campus Visit.

As a result of our service and relationship with Hollins they have since moved the hosting of their website to SiteVision.

GDA Integrated Services :: Consulting and Advertising for Colleges and Universities

Like most moderate size companies, GDA Integrated Services went from one unsuccessful IT vendor to another. Either they were not reliable or they couldn’t do what we needed. That is until we were introduced to Site Vision. They had been doing the backend on our mini-websites including broadcast emails to students, collecting student information, mini-tours of college campuses, and content management web application. They were so successful that now they operate and support our servers and host both our company and service websites. When I or anyone on our staff has a question, the SiteVision folks respond promptly.

We are consulting and advertising firm for colleges and universities. As one can imagine the staff at these institutions can be quite critical. However, thanks to SiteVision, GDA Integrated Services hosts ‘sales’ websites for at least a dozen colleges and universities. We would never have offered that service without SiteVision.

– George Dehne, President

Teacher’s Pet :: Standardized Online Lesson Plans

Teacher’s Pet is a simple Internet application that allows teachers to manage lesson plans online. We will create a customized online lesson plan form using your school’s current format or create a customized form specifically designed for your school.

Teachers simply log on with a user name and password, enter the required information and click “Submit” – the lesson plan is immediately saved to the system. Teachers may re-use lesson plans, share lesson plans with other teachers, and school administrators have access to review lesson plans. Reports may be generated to see status where school is meeting criteria for state standardized lesson plans.

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