VPS/Cloud Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is similar to our dedicated servers, but instead of being a separate physical machine, it is a virtual server that runs on a Virtualization platform on a hardware server. SiteVision, Inc. uses VMWare ESX as its Virtualization platform –  regarded as the best in the industry. While other Virtualization platforms virtualize only the operating system, VMWare virtualizes the underlying hardware, providing a more robust platform.

Each Virtual Private Server runs its own operating system in a secure and private environment and cannot be accessed or affected by the other virtual servers running on the same host server. This configuration gives you the same Administrator-level access as a dedicated server.

The Flexibility of a VPS Server

Users share system resources, such as the CPU and memory, but unlike shared hosting (a web site on the same server as many other web sites) the file system is fully partitioned. This means you get a guaranteed share of the server’s resources, while full Administrator-level access allows you to completely customize the virtual server.  You can install your own software, add as many web sites or email accounts as you want, and add or change the server configuration any way and any time you want.

Silver Gold Platinum
$160/month $250/month $325/month
Single 1.5GHz CPU  Dual 1.5GHz CPU  Quad 1.5GHz CPU
 Single Network Card / Dedicated IP Dual Network Card / Dedicated IP’s Dual Network Card / Dedicated IP’s
80 HD Space (GB) 160 HD Space (GB) 320 HD Space (GB)
1024 RAM (MB) 2048 RAM (MB) 4096 RAM (MB)
Purchase Purchase Purchase
  • Initial setup charges do not include client specific site development or programming services.
  • Prices and services subject to change without notice.
  • Company policy prohibits the hosting of sexually oriented materials and other practices contrary to generally accepted Internet etiquette.

What’s Included

  • Generator Power Backup
  • Monitored 24/7
  • Multi-homed Connections
  • Setup $100.00
  • UPS Battery Power Backup


  • CFWebStore – Web-based forms & site administration, including shopping cart. $500 setup
  • Operating System: Windows 2003/2008 Std $30
  • Database: Windows SQL Server 2008 Std $300/Per CPU
  • Database: Windows SQL Server 2008 WorkGroup $120/Per CPU
  • Virtual Domains $30 Setup
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Cms $100 Setup
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