5G Networks. The Race Is On!

As connected devices move from about 5 billion in 2015 to an anticipated 25 billion by 2020, the race to provide superfast networking is on. 5G is set to deliver a 100-time speed increase. It’s also destined to be much smarter depending on how it’s accessed and by reacting to various scenarios such as driving a smart car or lounging at home with a streaming movie.



The Chinese firm Huawei, claims to have field tested 5G delivering speeds of 3.6Gbps. If that number doesn’t mean much to you, think about downloading a feature film to your phone in a little more than a second.

So other than speed, are there any other advantages? Enthusiasts would say absolutely. 5G is scheduled to deliver not only enormous capacity gains, but reduced latency, and the ability to reach areas current technology doesn’t permit.

There is no agreed upon standard for 5G, so researchers are exploring the technology required to deliver the promise. What seems fairly sure is that 2020 is a reasonably collaborative target date and that 5G may well be a transformative technology for all of us.

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Seth Feldkamp Joins SiteVision

Seth Feldkamp_3_5SiteVision welcomes Seth Feldkamp as Senior Web Application Developer reporting to Phillip Molaro, Development Manager. As a senior developer Seth will be responsible for web application governance, development, and maintenance, and will function as a team leader in technical growth, new systems, training and research.

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A Motorcycle That Takes
To Water Like A Duck

gibbs-terraquad-triski-biski-amphibious-motorcycle-12Alan Gibbs of Gibbs Sports, a serial inventor of innovative amphibians has come up with a new twist – Amphibious motorcycles that go from land to water with the push of a button.

Two, three and 4-wheel concept models called the Biski, Triski and the Terraquad are now featured ongibbs-terraquad-triski-biski-amphibious-motorcycle-15 gibbssports.com. The two- wheel Biski promises 37mph on water with a land speed of 80mph.

No matter whether you plan to buy – take a trip to the site for a visual spin!

An earlier video introducing his sporty, street-ready aquatic vehicle called the Aquada is worth a view!

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Office 2016 or Google Docs?

new google logoCnet takes a swipe at comparing the two. One of the best features of Google Docs, of course, is that it is a convenient, online, biz-worthy product that’s free. Sharing and collaboration are noteworthy.

office logo 2016On the other hand, Microsoft’s Office 2016 is a mature product with a definitive edge in most areas. It goes without saying, Excel is the de facto standard for spreadsheet users. To boot, Microsoft’s PowerPoint is a marketplace fixture for presentations. Plus Microsoft has added collaboration and sharing features to Office 2016 – previously a Google Docs edge.

So what does Google Docs have that Office 2016 doesn’t or doesn’t do as well? Visit CNET for the results.


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